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1999 Microman Replica Series
Reproduction A38X Type - A381 Fire Star, A382 Earth Star, A383 Sky Star Set - Toys R Us Exclusive (9/1999)


Reissue A38X package.  The package was design to have the same look as the vintage A38X package.


Each figure came with the same accessories as the A30X type.

Takara released reproductions of A38X as an exclusive set for Toys R Us store in Japan.  A38X Acroyears were originally released back in 1979 during Microman Rescue Series.  Like Microman Rescue, A38X origin was never clearly told by Takara.  Though they shared the same body type as the A30X type, the A38X Acroyears were marketed as a brand new series and not the variations or upgraded version of A30X type.  A38X were released late into Rescue Series and was perhaps an attempt by Takara to reintroduce old favorites to new fans.

A38X type Acroyear were identical in look to A30X type but with vinyl cape similar to Cosmo Satan Arden.  A38X consisted of A381 Fire Star, A382 Earth Star, and A383 Sky Star (they were named after elemental).  A381 color is identical to A301, but A383 is dark blue and not the metallic blue like A303.  Each A38X came with the same accessories as A30X type which included chrome wing, missile launcher and wheels set.

Reproduction A381 Fire Star, A382 Earth Star, & A383 Sky Star.

Reproduction A38X Acroyears were sold as three-pack set.  The figures were packaged together in one box and not in separate replica box like the reproduction versions of A30X.  Takara planned to release a new member of A38X - A384 Iron Star as part of the Microman Watch Set which will be sold on Takara e-shop web site.