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1999 Microman Replica Series
Reissue A30X Acroyear Series - A301 Red Star, A302 Silver Star, A303 Blue Star and A304 Green Star (5/99)


Each A30X came in replica of the original package.


Each figure came with full set of reproduction accessories which included a missile launcher, two chrome missiles, wheel and two arm with wheels.

The accessories allowed each A30X to convert into a missile launcher vehicle.

Takara released reproduction of A30X in May of 1999.  Each figures were sold separately in a small window box which was a replica of the original packaging.  The figures came package in a display box of ten, with 3 of each of A301, A302 and A303 and only one A304.

A301 Red Star, A302 Silver Star and A303 Blue Star

Takara did an excellent job at reproducing the Acroyear.   The joint are slightly loose on the new one and the ball fists are now easily remove to reveal a 5mm sockets.  The only major different is the chest section, the reissue chest missiles are smaller in size than the original figure.  Another minor different is the pelvic details, the bumps around the waist are slightly difference than the original.  The legs, feet and wing are almost identical to the original version however they joints are slightly smaller than original toys and make using these guys as replacement parts impractical.

A304 Green Star

A304 Green Star is actually different than the prototype green A30X in the old Microman catalog.  The prototype appeared to be done in metallic dark green color.

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