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2000 Microman Reissue Series
Cosmo Satan Arden A351 Heller, A352 Rager, A353 Vulgar, A357 Gaizan, A358 Haizan, & A359 Girudan (6/2000)


Reissue Ardens come package in an individual box which is a replica of the original 1978 package.

Reissue Ardens are sold individually and not as a set.  They come package two sets per one display box.  However, so far they have a very limited distribution.

Here is a back view of Arden.


Each figure come with reproduction Arden's Chest Bomber and two missiles.  The launcher can be attach to Arden's chest.


Each figure also come with a black vinyl cape and Arden's emblem sticker for the cape.

Takara released Cosmo Satan Arden Reissue Set in June of 2000, three months after the special Toys R Us Exclusive Arden Set (A354-A356).   Takara were unable to decide on the special figures that were to be sold with the reissue of A351, A352 & A353.   They finally decided to sell three new Ardens - A357, A358 & A359, along with the reproduction of the original  versions. Replica A35X comes package twelve to a case with no short pack.  Each figure is equally distributed.  (Two sets per display box).  


A352 Rager - genius of tactics.  Always searching for new way to use super capability.

Takara limited the initial run of Arden so the set became very difficult to find.  It was unfortunate that Takara feel the need to use this type of tactic to garner interested. Takara would later made Arden available for "limited second run" on their e-Hobby Shop web site. 

A357 Gaizan - vicious, special soldier of Arden Corp fight in ice-sealed terrain.

A359 Girudan -  highly decorated soldier of Arden Corp.  Secretly researching a way to coexist with earthlings.

A351 Heller - fighter with vicious ability. A bad luck for those who encounter him.

A353 Vulgar - believe that the strongest and most vicious shall become emperor of the universe.

The reproduction Arden is very well done and almost identical to the original.   The three new colors - white, orange and gray are nice compliments to the original colors and when combine with the Toys R Us Exclusive colors they make quite an impressive army of Ardens.

A358 Haizan - superb test pilot and a scientist.  Responsible for the design of Arden Jet.

(See also - Toys R Us Exclusive Arden Set for pictures of A354, A355 & A356)

Each figure also come with a reissue type stand (in black color).