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Micro Heritage 

Takara - SCF (Super Collection Figures) Series (2000-2001)

In December of 2000 Takara formally entered into the immensely popular collectible segment in Japan of PVC gashapon (capsule) and candy toys with the new line call Super Collection Figures (SCF).   The first SCF series revolved around Takara Transformers Generation One property.   SCF: Transformers Generation One line was very popular with collectors and already in its fifth series.  In 2001, Takara expanded the SCF line to included non-Transformers properties such as Henshin Cyborg and Microman.  This new SCF line was call Takara SF Worlds (taking the cue from recent toys book "Takara SF Land").

SCF figurines came in small seal box with content hidden.  Each series (called ACT) consisted of twelve standard figurines and two chase (rare) figurines that were randomly inserted into a case of twelve boxes.  A case would normally contained all twelve of the standard figurines but some rare case would have one of the standard figure replaced with the rare chase figure.   Beside the fourteen figures, each ACT also came with two large Bonus Figures.  The Bonus Figures came in multiple parts, with each parts included inside one of the box.

SCF : Transformers Generation One (2000)

The first series of SCF were based on Takara Transformers Generation One.  Rik Ruff has already provided excellent coverage of this line on his My Cool Toyz web site.  Click on the above logo to go to My Cool Toyz - Transformers SCF section.


SCF : Takara SF Worlds (2001)

Followed the success of the SCF Transformers line, Takara started a new SCF line based on their various non-Transformers properties.  The new series will featured figures from Henshin Cyborg, Microman, Microman manga, Baratak, Android A, Timanic, Diaclone and Cyborg Double Nine.   Click on the logo below to go to specific ACT.


ACT-1 Henshin Cyborg


ACT-2 Microman