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1977 Microman Command

Surveyor Series - Surveyor-2 (c.1976)


Surveyor Series

Microman Command Surveyor-2







Microman Surveyor Series


Released : 11/1977

Retail Price : 2400 Yen

Microman Surveyor-2 come in small large flat box. The vehicle comes in separate parts inside styrene tray.


Instruction & Insert

Surveyor-2 come with full color poster and information sheet. The instruction is printed on box lid. The toy come with full color sticker sheet to decorate the vehicle.




Takara released Microman Surveyor-2 in November of 1977 as part of the Command series.  Microman Command line-up saw some of the most intensives Microman releases during the original Microman line.  1977 was the peak period of Microman series and numerous toys were released including many large vehicles and robots.  Surveyor series consisted of three medium size battery powered motorized vehicles - Surveyor-1, Surveyor-2 and Surveyor-3.  The Surveyor series build on the idea of square blocks with numerous 5mm holes and various vehicle parts from any of the Surveyor vehicles or other Microman toys for that matter can be connect on top of these holes to create almost limit-ess vehicle designs.

Surveyor-2 is a six-wheels exploration and combat vehicles that can be separate into three individual vehicles - Missile Launcher platform, Support-droid and the Bullet Car.  The toy overall is larger than the Surveyor-1 (released several month earlier) but smaller than the massive Surveyor-3.  Surveyor-2 comes with two large blocks with the rear section contain battery compartment and motor unit.  The front section which can be separate into the Bullet-car has clear green canopy and two clear green domes on each side.  The green domes also double as rear wheels when the Bullet-car separate from the main vehicle.

Surveyor 1 - Bullet Car (below), above left Support Droid and right Missile-launcher

Surveyor-2 rear section contains three separate sections - the Missile Launcher, small four wheels Support-droid and communication bay with clear green lid that can fold out into a seat or use as hibernation chamber for Microman when closed. The wheeled Support-droid double as Microman roller chair and have two movable arms.  The rear Missile launcher have folded-out arm that can be move up and down along with spring-loaded missile.  The launcher unit has a small panel that can pivot out and act as pseudo seat for Microman gunner.  The communication section while not consider a separate vehicle in the instruction sheet, has small wheel on the back that can be fold down and allow the pod to be on sort of mobile platform. Surveyor-2 was the only one of the three Surveyor vehicles that was never release as part of Mego Micronauts line.