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Microman 2006 Series

Kiguru Microman Series


Microman 2006



Microman 2006

Kiguru-Microman Series 3 (1/06)

KM-03 Billy (B&W Ver.) as Godzilla (First Version - Monochrome)


KM-04 Ricky as Gamera (Showa Version)


KM-05 Vain as Gamera (Heisei Version)


KM-06 Allen as Gamera (2006 Version) (6/06)


Kiguru Microman

Microman costume actors that play as the popular monsters. They are part of Microman lore and make several cameo appearances in the Microman Force manga.


Gamera is a giant tusked flying turtle monster created in 1965 by Studio Daiei to compete with the popular Godzilla series produced by Studio Toho (Godzilla was released a decade earlier) during the Golden Age (Showa period of Japanese giant monster movies) of giant monster movie in late 1960's. Gamera story was very similar to that of Godzilla and he is often view as the "turtle" version of Godzilla. Gamera though not quite as popular as his lizard rival, has garnered much followers over the years. In 1990's during the revival (Heisei period) of Japanese daikaiju (giant monster) movie, Studio Daiei revived Gamera series with new movie in 1995. This year mark the official 40th Anniversary of Gamera and Studio Daiei plan to release new Gamera movie in April of 2006.

Kiguru Microman Return

Even though the 2004 Microman Kiguru Series did not enjoy much success with fans (both Godzilla and Microman collectors) TAKARA curiously release more Kiguru Microman in January of 2006 to kick-off the 2006 Microman series. Since 2006 is the official 40th Anniversary of Daiei Studio's Gamera, the 2006 Kiguru series features two Microman Gamera, KM-04 Microman Ricky with the old 1965 Showa Version of Gamera and KM-05 Microman Vain with 1995 "Heisei" version.  Also release as part of the 2006 series is KM-03, a black and white repaint of KM-01Microman Billy & Godzilla from the 2004 Kiguru series.  TAKARA has yet to announce any more Kiguru Microman figure, but with the new 2006 Gamera The Brave movie, there is a possibility of Kiguru Microman version of 2006 Gamera.  UPDATE: Kiguru Microman Gamera (2006 version) is coming in June of 2006.