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Replica Robotman (3/01)


Drill Tank Mode Robotman (CANCELED) 

Crystal Mode Robotman (11/01) - Hyper Hobby Exclusive

SAS Robotman (1/02) - Super Festival Exclusive

PVC Robotman Premiums -

Yujin Gashapon Robotman (12/00)

Vinyl Robotman Doll (8/01)

Clear Vinyl Robotman Doll (7/01)

SAS-SS Robotman (12/01)

In a bold attempt to rejuvenate interest in Replica Microman Series, Takara decided to re-issue one of the most sought after Microman toys - the Original Robotman.  The replica Robotman was created from a brand new mold and even came package in the facsimile of the old 1975 box.

Along with the re-issue Robotman, Takara also brought back the concept of Victory Series.  Victory Series Project was a concept proposed by Takara to tie Microman and Henshin Cyborg via a new series of toy call Robotman.  Robotman toys would be interchangeable with both Henshin Cyborg series and Microman series.  The Victory Series concept was first introduced in 1975 when Robotman was first introduce but the idea came to an abrupt end when Takara pulled the plug on Henshin Cyborg series and Robotman series became part of Microman line.  In an attempt to promote the new Victory Series, Takara produced Victory Badge with Victory Series triangular shield as a token for customers who order replica Robotman from their e-Hobby site.  The shield has initial of each series on the corner - C for Cyborg Group, M for Microman Zone and R for Robotman with Victory logo in the center.  Robotman package also sport both Microman logo and Cyborg logo to signify that Robotman toy belong to both Replica Microman line and the new Cyborg line.

Takara announced plan for clear mode and black mode Robotman as show exclusives. Takara also planned to re-issue the much sought after Robotman accessories - Drill Set and Dozer Set.   There are no official words yet if Robotman 2 or Robotman God Fighter will be re-issue.  Beside these exclusive reissue Robotman toys, Takara also produced several vinyl and PVC Robotman figure as exclusive items.