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Takara Choro Q Robo Series 

Transformers Q/05 & Q/06 Rodimus Convoy (c.2002)


Takara released Rodimus Convoy Choro Q Robo in 2002.  There were two versions - Q/05 TV version and Q/06 Metallic version.

(Note Rodimus Convoy is also known as Rodimus Prime in the US)

Q/05 Rodimus Convoy TV Version

Q/06 Rodimus Convoy Metallic Version


Rodimus Convoy Choro Q Robo came with small gun that can be attached to his hand or to the top of the truck when in Choro Q mode.

The toy had very nice simple transforming process that yield good looking deform Rodimus in both vehicle and robot modes.  Choro Q Robo was a perfect match for Transformers characters.

The Metallic version featured metallic flake rust color paint for the body and gold color for the small wing.