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Choro Q was a series of deform cars with pull-back motor produced by Takara in early 1980's.  The series became very popular (and still very popular today) and Takara began to produce several deform robot toys based on Choro Q concept.

High Grade Choro Q Toyota Soarer (Lexus SC300)

In 1999, during the 20th Anniversary of Choro Q, Takara decided to reintroduce the Choro Q Robo line with the reissue of Choro Q Robo Votoms, Dougram, Gorg and Galient robots in "Come Back Choro Q Robo Spitit".  Takara then produced CB-Mazinger a very Choro Q Robo-like Mazinger Z toys.   Even without the Choro Q logo, it was clear that Mazinger Z was based on the old Choro Q Robo concept.  In 2000, Takara released the first "official" Choro Q Robo toys based on Tetsujin-28.  (Tetsujin-28 was the one of the pioneers in giant robot TV show).  Takara then re-released CB-Mazinger as CB-Mazinger Plus with slight color change but now under Choro Q Robo banner.  In 2001, Takara released Transformers Optimus Prime (Convoy) and Megatron as Choro Q Robo toys.   In 2002, Takara followed the mild success of Choro Q Robo line with more Transformers and more of Go Nagai creations - Great Mazinger & Getter Robo.

 I always love the Choro Q (Penny Racer) cars line so I especially enjoy seeing my favorite robots and sci-fi vehicles done in Choro Q style.  May be someday Takara would do Roboman and Robotmachine Z as Choro Q Robo.

CB Series

Come Back Choro Q Robo Spirit Set

CB-Mazinger Z

CB-Tetsujin 28

CB-Mazinger Z Plus

CB-Great Mazinger

CB-Getter Robo

Transformers Series



Rodimus Convoy

Other sci-fi Series

Thunderbirds Q


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