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1999 Replica Microman Series Exclusive
Clear Mode Microman Command 3 - Toys R Us Exclusive (11/1999)


Toys R Us Clear Mode Command 3


Clear Mode Capsules



Clear Mode M171 & Clear Mode M172


Clear Mode M173 & Clear Mode M174

Takara released special edition Command 3 call Clear Mode Command as Toys R Us exclusive in November 1999.   Clear Mode Command 3 are basically a set of Microman Command 3 (M17X) done in clear plastic body.  The lower legs and the pelvic section are still the same solid color plastic but the bodies are now clear.   Crystal Command 3 come in a plain looking package similar to Rescue Crew set with Toys R Us sticker on top of the box.   While they are a very nice set of figures especially since none of the original Command 3 came in clear version, they seems to be lost in the sea of Takara's Microman repaints & special editions.   Takara would later release several more "Clear Mode" edition of other Microman type, all of which are Toys R Us exclusive.

Each Clear Mode Command 3 came with rockets and bracelets accessories along with matching clear versions of their capsules.

Rocket Wings and Cutter Bracelets