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M17X Command3 (8/99)
M171 Takuya
M172 Tetsuya
M173 Tasuya
M174 Tsuyoshi


Clear Mode Command 3 - Toys R Us Exclusive (12/99)

M171sp Complete Command Set Toys R Us Exclusive (3/00)

M170 Takeru - Takara e-shop Exclusive Millennium Set with M180 Maria (3/27/00)

M175 Toshiya - Toys Land Exclusive (9/24/00)

Glitter Mode M170 Takeru - eS! Toys Exclusive Command Leaders Set B (12/00)

Takara follows the release of reissue Command 1 & 2 with the long await Command 3 M17X type.   The Command 3 type was not reproduced by Romando during their brief Microman21 series.   The reason was probably because, unlike the Command1 & 2, the original mold for the Command3 was either destroy or lost.

Takara recast the mold from the vintage figures and has done an exceptional job.   The reissue Command 3 lost some of the fine details, common with the secondary mold process, but still is a very nice reproduction job.    With the high quality reissue Takara did with this set, one can expect a very good reproduction of  next type in the Command series - Lady Command, whose mold had also long disappeared.

Takara also plans to release a Special Edition of M17X which will be the clear versions of the Command3 series.   This set will not be limited but rather will have a wide distribution like the regular set via Toys R Us store in Japan.

For the year 2000, Takara release two more M17X type, including two new members - M170 Takeru and M175 Toshiya.   A special metallic version of M171 Takuya was released as part of Toys R Us Exclusive Complete Commands Set.