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2000 Replica Microman Series
Toy Land Exclusive Microman Command 3 M175 Toshiya (9/24/00)


M175 was sold packaged in Command 3 capsule inside a plastic bag (with white label on the back of the capsule).

Takara released M175 Toshiya on September 24th 2000 at Osaka Toy Land show.   M175 was limited to about 1000 pieces and sold exclusively at the show.  The figure was a green color Command 3 type with dark blue pelvic and lower legs.  M175 came with matching green Microman stand and green Command 3 capsule. The figure was sold in plastic baggie.  


M175 Toshiya - has superb linguistic ability which allow him to form communication with other leading biologists worldwide.  He also himself an expert in biotechnology.


M175 came with a matching green stand and Command 3 Cutter Bracelets and Rocket Wings.

Microman Command 3 M175