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2000 Replica Microman Series
eS! Toys Exclusive Glitter Mode Command Leaders

Set A - Glitter Mode 150 Antonio & M160 Egypton

Set B - Glitter Mode M170 Takeru & M180 Maria (12/2000) 


Set A

Set B


Glitter Mode Command Leaders came with matching Glitter capsules.

Takara released two special version sets of Command Leaders (M150, M160, M170 & M180) as eS! Toys exclusives.  Each Command Leader got the same "Glitter Mode" treatment as the Toys R Us Exclusive Glitter Mode Micro Knight released in November of 2000.   The "Glitter Mode" is actually a special metallic process that added textures to the surface.   The Glitter Mode actually worked really well with these figures and they really stand out from the standard metallic plated version.

Set A - Glitter Mode M150 Antonio and Glitter Mode M160 Egypton

The Glitter Mode Command Leaders were sold in two separate sets - A & B.  Set A consisted of M150 Antonio and M160 Egypton and Set B included M170 Takeru and M180 Maria.  Each set came package in the same style box as their normal version but the boxes are now light gray color instead of black with added "eS! Toys" logo.

Set B - Glitter Mode M170 Takeru and Glitter Mode M180 Maria

It was a pleasant surprise to see how beautiful these figures turn out to be.  The "glitter" textures gave the figure metal-like appearance more so than the normal chrome plated version.   The figures capsules also got "Glitter Mode" treatments and really look great.  The glow in the dark sections of Command 1, 2 & 3 were done in normal chrome process and really gave the figures a very nice accent touch.

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Microman Command Leaders

In the year 2000, while all seem peaceful, suddenly an incident occurs.  CosmoSatan Arden A356 took control of the crystal satellite that orbit earth and collect cosmic energy.  A356 redirected the  cosmic ray to the Arcroyear base.

Arden Corp then amass themselves at Microman Base at Mt.Fuji and start to destroy several facility.  Microman spring into action at their head quarter and call M150 Antonio - great authority in Cosmic Energy and M160 Egypton to recapture the crystal satellite.   Arden however could not fully control the crystal satellite path and it's start to direct the ray to other section of Earth.   The Cosmic Energy hit the ancient ruin of Japan & Goddess of Freedom from Paris (Statue Liberty) and suddenly two light streak up into the sky and circle the crystal satellite.  They announce "we came here to help you".  Together the four Microman Commands recapture the crystal body and stop the Arden's plan

M150 Antonio - expert in cosmic energy theory

M160 Egypton - expert in cosmic energy equipment.

M170 Takeru - expert in space physic.

M180 Maria - expert healer.

Each figures also came with gold plated leg wings and a black figure stand.