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Replica Microman Series

Microman Command M15X & M16X 


Microman Commands

Microman Command 1


Reissued Microman M15X (3/1999)
M151 East
M152 Eric
M153 Elder

M154 Evan




M152 Eric (SP) (5/99)
Central Hobby Puzzle Exclusive


M159 Elias MCM (10/99)
Post Hobby Exclusive


Complete Command (10/99)
Metallic Mode M151 - Toys R Us Exclusive


M004 Eiji Gold (1/3/00)
Golden Age Exclusive


M150 Antonio (4/00)
Takara Mail-Away Premium Set (with M160)


Glitter Mode M150 (12/00)
Command Leaders Set A (with M160) - eS! Hobby Exclusive


Alpha H-7 M152 (12/26/00)
"Revival of Commands" - 20th Century Toys Exclusive


Clear Mode M15X (2/9/01)
Toys R Us Exclusive


M:I:S 03 M15X Type (2/25/01)

Tokyo Toys Festival Exclusive


Microman Command 2


Reissued Microman M16X (3/1999)
M161 Sheriff
M162 Sander
M163 Smith

M164 Sammy




M164 Sammy (SP) (5/99)
Central Hobby Puzzle Exclusive


Complete Command (10/99)
Metallic Mode M163 - Toys R Us Exclusive


M160 Egypton (4/00)
Takara Mail-Away Premium Set with M150 Antonio


Glitter Mode M160 (12/00)
Command Leaders Set A (with M150) - eS! Hobby Exclusive

Alpha H-7 M161 (12/26/00)
"Revival of Commands"  3rd Microman History Set - 20th Century Toys Exclusive


Clear Mode M16X (3/01)

Toys R Us Exclusive


M:I:S 04 M16X Type (5/4/01)

Toys Land Exclusive



Takara followed the Reissued Microman M10X with the releases of reissued Microman Command M15X and M16X. The released of these two series was not surprising since the molds had already been refurbished by Romando for their Microman 21 series. Takara wanted a lot of products on the market quickly for the new Replica line to coincide with the relaunch of new Microman line and this was the cheapest and fastest way for them.  However, while this help bring more products to the market, the two Command series were recently reissued under Microman 21 line.

Command 1 & 2 Story (as translate from catalog)

Microman starts investigating the mystery surrounding the Acroyears being seen at every regional ancient ruins around the world.  Microman decides to investigate the ancient ruins to determined the connection between the Acroyears, the ancient civilization and perhaps to also learn more about ancient Microman that could have visited earth thousands of years ago. The Spy Magicians discovered abnormally within the ancient ruins of the Easter Island statues.  They fire MX Spectrum Ray at the stone statue.  The Easter Island statues explode and human-size Microman appear inside standing within a burning pale flame.  (alpha H-7 radiation)  The new human size Microman then bath in sunlight and shrink to the same size as other Microman.  At about the same time, in the tomb of ancient Egyptian pyramid, another Microman emerge from the sarcophagus. The two newly arrived Microman call themselves Microman Command.

Takara Replica versions of Microman Command 1 and 2 were substantial improvement over the Romando released several years back.  Takara had fixed the broken wrist and poor fitting associate with many of the Romando Microman 21 reissued.  The molds appeared to be the same one used by Romando with the exception of Command 2 body which had been remold probably due to damage. (Rumor had it that Romando damaged the mold when they returned it to Takara after their licensed for Microman 21 was revoked) The Command 2 molds (aside from the new body part) were probably surviving mold used to make Mego Type 1 Pharoid as evidence by the missing "TAKARA" from the butt and "TAKARA" added back on to the back of the capsule.

Replica Microman Reissued of Command 1 and 2 benefited greatly from Takara better manufacturing capability and the new figures were very close to the vintage figures with some minor differences mainly in the colors matching. Command 1 still suffered from the loose ankle that Takara could have fixed and the remold of the Command 2 body result in much bigger collar and caused it to loose some head articulation.  However there was no doubt that these were much better figures than the garage versions put out by Romando.  These figures were a great welcome for fans who missed out on the Romando reissued.

Soon after the released of reissued versions, Takara announced several special versions of Command 1 and 2.  Metallic versions of M152 Eric and M164 Sammy were sold as exclusives for Microman Jig-saw puzzle set produced by Central Hobby.  They were followed by M159 Elias, the first new member for Microman Command 1 produced by Takara and more metallic version as part of Complete Command Set sold as Toys R Us Exclusive.

For 2000, Takara produced more color variants for the Command 1 and 2 including the reissued of Microman Gum Premium - Microman Antonio and Microman Egypton. The glitter mode metallic versions of these two figures followed shortly as eS! Toys exclusive.  Beside Antonio, Takara also released the only (so far) reissued of New Microman figure - M004 Eiji. At the end of 2000, Takara produced a set of two figures featuring M151 and M161 in their "Alpha H-7" glow as 20th Century Toys Exclusive.

By 2001, Takara had scaled back the over produced reissued Microman.  This year Takara finally released the Clear Mode versions of both Microman Command 1 and Command 2.  They were sold as Toys R Us exclusives just like other Clear Mode set.  M:I:S clear versions of M15X and M16X rounded out the released Command 1 & 2.