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1999 Replica Microman Series

Post Hobby Shop Exclusive - Microman Command Military MCM M159 Elias (10/10/99)


M159 Elias was sold in plastic baggie with full-color pamplet with info on MCM & Elias. 


M159 Elias came with matching dark olive drab color capsule.

M159 Elias came with two set of shoes - his normal Command shoes and special mission anti-gravity Rescue Boots.

M159 Elias

M159 Elias was released as a Post Hobby toy store exclusive and was limited to just 1000 pieces.   Unlike the previous special and new color variations Microman released by Takara for the Reissue Series, M159 came with a well thought out color scheme and cool biography.   M159 is a dark olive drab color with metallic gray pelvic and shin guards.  He also came equip with silver Command 1 leg wings and metallic gray Rescue Microman Pulsar Short and boots.

M159 Elias - head of the Army Command devision of CRIM.   He is an expert in fighting techniques, weapon handling, and cutting edge weapon technology.   His is indispensable for Microman Army due to his great ability in military tactic especially in a critical situation.   He also work with Rescue section of CRIM as a Special Hostage Rescue Unit officer.   Because of this task, he is equipped also with a special version of Rescue Command Pulsar Short weapon.  He also have prototype anti-repulsor wings and anti-gravity boots make by Factory Area of GLFT, especially for Hostage Rescue Mission.