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2000 Replica Microman Series

Golden Age Exclusive - M004 Eiji Gold (1/3/2000)

Eiji Gold comes package in a plastic bag wrap with this color print.  The back of the paper contain black & white drawing of Eiji Gold surrounded by the New Acroyears & Acro-Satans. 

Each figure came with blue capsule (New Microman style) and a pair of gold leg wings.

 On Jan 3rd. 2000, Takara released the first reissued Microman based on the New Microman series from 1981.   M004 Eiji Gold was an exclusive Microman figure sold at Golden Age store in Tokyo.   The figure was later made available at Super Festival show on Jan. 9th.   The toy was also available as magazine mail-order.   M004 Eiji Gold was at first rumored to be limited to just 700 pieces but the number could not be confirmed.

M004 Eiji Gold was based on 1981 New Microman Series M004 Eiji (which was a repaint version of Microman Command 1).  The figure was nicely done, the body was done in clear dark blue with gold speckle and the chest piece came in blue chrome and gold.   The head was also gold plated instead of chrome with the cuffs, hands, lower legs, pelvic and feet molded in gold tone plastic.   Eiji Gold came with matching clear blue with gold speckle New Microman style capsule.  M004 Eiji Gold was the only New Microman character to be release by Takara for the Replica Series line.

(See also 1981 New Microman Series - New Microman)

M004 Eiji Gold