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Replica Microman Series

"alpha H-7 Revival of Commands" - 20th Century Toys Exclusive (12/26/00)


Microman Commands

Microman Command 1


Reissued Microman M15X (3/1999)
M151 East
M152 Eric
M153 Elder

M154 Evan




M152 Eric (SP) (5/99)
Central Hobby Puzzle Exclusive


M159 Elias MCM (10/99)
Post Hobby Exclusive


Complete Command (10/99)
Metallic Mode M151 - Toys R Us Exclusive


M004 Eiji Gold (1/3/00)
Golden Age Exclusive


M150 Antonio (4/00)
Takara Mail-Away Premium Set (with M160)


Glitter Mode M150 (12/00)
Command Leaders Set A (with M160) - eS! Hobby Exclusive


Alpha H-7 M152 (12/26/00)
"Revival of Commands" 3rd Microman History Set - 20th Century Toys Exclusive


Clear Mode M15X (2/9/01)
Toys R Us Exclusive


M:I:S 03 M15X Type (2/25/01)

Tokyo Toys Festival Exclusive


Microman Command 2


Reissued Microman M16X (3/1999)
M161 Sheriff
M162 Sander
M163 Smith

M164 Sammy



M164 Sammy (SP) (5/99)
Central Hobby Puzzle Exclusive

Complete Command (10/99)
Metallic Mode M163 - Toys R Us Exclusive


M160 Egypton (4/00)
Takara Mail-Away Premium Set with M150 Antonio


Glitter Mode M160 (12/00)
Command Leaders Set A (with M150) - eS! Hobby Exclusive

Alpha H-7 M161 (12/26/00)
"Revival of Commands" - 20th Century Toys Exclusive


Clear Mode M16X (3/01)
Toys R Us Exclusive


M:I:S 04 M16X Type (5/4/01)

Toys Land Exclusive

20th Century Toys Exclusive

aH-7 set came package in small green "twin-packs" window box with 20th Century Toys logo.


alpha H-7 Theory


Takara introduced the term alpha H-7 during the introduction of Microman Command in 1977.  alpha H-7 was a substance believed to be building block of life for Micro-race and key to origin of Microman universe.  (Much like protein to us human). Ancient Microman possessed alpha H-7 in their cells.  alpha H-7 was a major factor in Microman automatic evolution inside their capsule. (Acroyear also benefit from this aspect since they also possess alpha H-7 in their cells.)  Microman Spy Magician discovered the link between alpha H-7 and Microman when they traveled to Titan home. Spy Magician Dan, discovered from Titan 2, that alpha H-7 reacted with Saturn magnetic environment gave evolved Microman into Titan.   With this discovery Microman went to Titan Valley of Glass and using the Spectrum MX gun on board the newly build Transfer Fortress, they revived Microman Titan Commands.  Microman Spy Magician then went to Earth ancient ruin on Easter Island and fired Spectrum MX ray into the stone face statue. Microman Command 1 emerged and were engulfed in alpha H-7 radiation.  The newly emerged Microman were the same size as earth human but when they came into contact with sunlight, they shrank down to the same size as other Microman.  They repeat the same process at Egypt pyramid ruins and there emerged Microman Command 2.alpha H-7 was found to be responsible for the current miniature size of Microman. Earth sunlight diminished alpha H-7 in Microman body and permanently cause them to shrink to small size. The Acroyears however were not affected because of their mutation.


20th Century Toys "alpha H-7 Revival of Commands" was the third in their Historical Toys Museum Series.  The set featured Microman Command 1 (M152) and Command 2 (M161) in alpha H-7 radiation glow.  The set were sold at Misukoshi store in Yokohama during Microman Toys Museum exhibits in December. alpha H-7 Set came with glow-in-the-dark Microman Command 1 and 2. Command 1 was done in pink glow-in-the dark plastic with red chrome parts and clear pelvic and shin guards, and Command 2 was done in light blue glow-in-the-dark plastic with blue chrome parts and also clear pelvic and shin guards.  aH-7 Command 1 came with clear red capsule, red chrome wings, and matching glow-in-the-dark stand and aH-7 Command 2, likewise, came with clear capsule, blue chrome wings and matching glow-in-the-dark stand.  Like the previous "Historical Set", the Command set gave collector beautifully done Microman figures with interesting background that had some significance to the history of Microman.


Each figure came with matching glow-in-the dark stands


alpha H-7 Microman M15X Command 1 and M16X Command 2

alpha H-7 Command of Commands was the third set in the Historical Museum series. The other two sets featured Microman M10X in Takara historical colors and Origin of Acroyear.


(See also 20th Century Toys Historical Set - set 1 Founders Microman in Takara Cyborg Colors, and set 2 "Birth of Acroyear")