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2001 Replica Microman - M:I:S Series
M:I:S 03 Microman Command 1 - Tokyo Toys Festival Exclusive (2/25/2001)


M:I:S 03 comes in clear New Microman style capsule.

Here is a close-up view of M:I:S logo on the capsule.


Each figure came with a clear Microman stand.

Takara released the third M:I:S (Mission in Stealth) Series figure as Tokyo Toy Festival Exclusive.  M:I:S 03 is a clear version of M15X Microman Command1.  M:I:S 03 has a chrome pelvic and shin guards and not all clear like the previous two M:I:S figures.  M:I:S 03 has a white glow in the dark part and black hands and cuff.  Like the previous two M:I:S figures,  M:I:S 03 comes in an all clear New Microman style capsule.  The capsule also has a "M:I:S" logo.  The figure also comes with a set of Command 1 wings and a clear Replica Series Microman stand.  Takara announced that they plan to release at least six more M:I:S Microman.

NOTE: In 2002, to promote the sale of Robotman, Takara gave away M:I:S03 & M:I:S04 as gifts for anyone who order Replica Robotman from their e-Hobby Shop.

M:I:S 03 Microman Command 1

M:I:S 03 came with chrome version of Command 1 Anti-Repulsion wings.  His chest plate was also done in chrome silver with off-white glow-in-the dark part. 

Other M:I:S Microman

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