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2000 Microman Reissue Series - M:I:S Series
M:I:S 02 Rescue Microman - JAF:Con Exclusive Limited Edition (7/29/2000)


M:I:S 02 comes in clear New Microman style capsule.


M:I:S 02 comes with standard Rescue Microman Pulsar Wave Energy Gun and Backpack.  It also includes a clear stand.

Takara released second M:I:S (Mission in Stealth) Series figure as JAF-Con Exclusive.  M:I:S 02 was an all clear version of M25X Type Rescue Microman.  Like the first M:I:S figure (M:I:S 01 Spy Magician), M:I:S 02 came package in an all clear New Microman style capsule.  This time, however,  the capsule also had "M:I:S" logo stamp on the top.

Here is a close-up view of M:I:S logo on the capsule.

The figure also came with standard Rescue Microman Pulsar Wave Energy Gun and Energy Backpack.  The figure was also package with a clear figure stand.

M:I:S 02 Rescue Microman

M:I:S 02 was done in all clear plastic with no chrome parts like the other three M:I:S Microman.  The only opaque parts were the accessories, hands and feet.

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