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Replica Microman Series 

Microman Rescue Team Series


Rescue Team

Rescue Team


Reissued Microman M25X (10/1999)
Set A

M251 Robin
M252 William
M253 Richard

M255 Steve


Set B

M251 Robin

M252 William

M253 Richard

M256 Vergil


Set C

M251 Robin

M252 William

M253 Richard

M257 Charles




M:I:S 02 (7/30/00)
JAF:Con Exclusive


Clear Mode M25X (9/8/00)
Toys R Us Exclusive
Clear Mode M251
Clear Mode M252
Clear Mode M253

Clear Mode M255


e-HOBBY Rescue Series


M261/M262 Set (7/02)

M261 Chris

M262 Adam


M263/M264 Set (7/02)
M263 James

M264 Fred


M271/M272 Set (10/02)
M271 Lake

M272 Leon


M273/M274 Set (12/02)
M273 Leonard

M274 Carlton


M281/M282 Set (3/03)
M281 Clark

M282 Ryan


M283/M284 Set (4/03)
M283 Clark

M284 Foster


M254/M275 Set (7/03)

M254 Stuart

M275 Richard

Rescue Team M25X sets came with little advance announcement from Takara. The M25X type had been reproduced by Romando but was done in very limited numbers since they were deem somewhat unpopular with Microman collectors. (Many core Microman collectors grew up with Spy Magician and Command Series so Rescue Crew series were not as desirable.)  Since the molds had already been refurbished by Romando, it made sense that Takara would reissued them.   This was an easy way for Takara to put out more Microman toys during the initial launch of the Replica Series and help fill in the gap for the reissued since only small numbers of Romando set were available.


Takara released three separate sets for the M25X. Each set included reproduction versions of M251, M252 & M253 plus a new exclusive color version of M25X. This was very unfortunate since to get all three different exclusive M25Xs, you would have to buy all three sets which meant that you would ended up with multiple sets of the M251, M252 and M253.  It was somewhat troublesome to see Takara to take this route to sell more Microman.  Takara skip the released of M254 and he would not be available until 2003 during the e-Hobby Rescue Series. For the year 2000, Takara released two premiums for M25X type both of which were translucent style. The first one was the M:I:S Series - an all clear version of M25X and the second one was Toys R Us Clear Mode Series with clear version of M251, M252, M253 and M255.

In 2002 as the Replica series was winding down, Takara decided to reissue the remaining Rescue Team Microman as e-Hobby Rescue Microman Set.  M26X was released in August and M27X was planed for September while the last type - M28X was schedule for 2003. These last three Rescue Microman series were sold only from Takara e-Hobby shop website store. Takara divided these remaining Rescue Microman into group of two and sold them as a set. Since M27X originally came with five members, Takara decided to release the odd member M275 Richard with M254 Stuart which Takara did not reissued back in 1999 with the rest of M25Xs.  Beside finally reissued all the remaining Rescue Microman, Takara also gave the Rescue Series their long over due background story and their origin in a new Rescue Microman Catalog. (See sidebar)




e-HOBBY to the Rescue

After the decline of the Replica series, Takara decided to reissue Microman as exclusive only toys via their e-HOBBY web store.  The remaining Rescue Microman were sold as part of the e-HOBBY Rescue Set. Each set included two reissued Rescue Microman figures and, for the first time in over 20 years, a new Rescue Microman "Catarog". The new catalog was publish exclusively by Takara for their e-HOBBY Rescue Microman campaign. This new Rescue Microman catalog finally chronicle their origin story and include the bio for all the members including the recently added M255, M256 and M257.








Rescue Microman Story (machine translation from Takara e-Hobby site)

In the year 19XX, at the oil field in America, a new geologic investigation was being done.   Microman M25X were revived from the soil sample taken from the site.

An asteroid and a comet (remnants of Micro Earth catastrophic explosion) collided with earth and created a crater.  The rock structure and stratum changed and turned into mineral bed rich with oil and uranium by the energy from the collision.   Many Microman were trapped in these asteroids when Micro Earth exploded and now they ended up on Earth inside these craters.

M102 Chief Jack became aware of this phenomenon and started to investigate every regional underground resources worldwide and search these craters by irradiated them with Spectrum MX ray in hope of reviving Microman.  M28X Microman were revived from crater in Germany, M26X were found in Canadian crater and M27X came from crater in southern Africa.  There were not mining in these energy rich craters but the underground resources began to deplete.

Microman Police Keeper investigated and found that this was an act of Acroyears.  Microman M251 Robin was shaking with anger that the Acroyears were invading the area where he was revived which could caused major damage and endanger human being.

Since other Microman were busy building the new Rescue Secret Base at Mt. Fuji, Microman M251 Robin decided to organize a troop to stand up against the Acroyear incursion by enlisting those Microman that were revived from these energy craters and gave birth to Microman Rescue Team.

M251 Robin - Leader of Rescue Team Microman,  pilot of Rescue 1 Jetter.

M252 William - perform Rescue mission with Servo-Man Missiler.

M253 Richard - act as liaison with Microman Police Keeper.

M254 Stuart - study the magnetism theory and design Rolling Thunder.

M255 Steve - corporate with Microman Spy Magician and study their spy skills.

M256 Vergil - commanding officer of Mar base, great authority on planetary physics.

M257 Charles - active in the construction of Mars base work with Vergil.


M261 Chris - emergency response using the Rescue 2 Bongo.  Expert first aid.

M262 Adam - expert in information analysis during the disaster with Servo-Man Data.

M263 James - manage the command of the Rescue Secret Base building plan.

M264 Fred - driver of Microman Tank Black Tiger and help in critical situation.


M271 Lake - Rescue Team Submarine Unit (Servo Machines).

M272 Leon - developed the Pulse Gun.

M273 Leonard - conduct recon activity using Microman Gyro.

M274 Carlton - geology expert.  Collect information using guerrilla tactics.

M275 Richard - develop new style of Rescue operation with Rescue Bird 3-4-5.


M281 Clark - under Chief M103 Jesse, helped develop the new Tower Base.

M282  Ryan - always got Chief Barnes angry at his arbitrary decision.

M283 Clark - instruct another team member in the new and latest technology.

M284 Foster - authority in weather and mainly collect information from the air.