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Replica Microman Series 

Toys R Us Exclusive - Clear Mode Rescue Microman M251, M252, M253 & M255 (9/8/00) 


Rescue Team

Rescue Team


Reissued Microman M25X (10/1999)
Set A

M251 Robin
M252 William
M253 Richard

M255 Steve


Set B

M251 Robin

M252 William

M253 Richard

M256 Vergil


Set C

M251 Robin

M252 William

M253 Richard

M257 Charles




M:I:S 02 (7/30/00)
JAF:Con Exclusive


Clear Mode M25X (9/8/00)
Toys R Us Exclusive
Clear Mode M251
Clear Mode M252
Clear Mode M253

Clear Mode M255


e-HOBBY Rescue Series


M261/M262 Set (7/02)

M261 Chris

M262 Adam


M263/M264 Set (7/02)
M263 James

M264 Fred


M271/M272 Set (10/02)
M271 Lake

M272 Leon


M273/M274 Set (12/02)
M273 Leonard

M274 Carlton


M281/M282 Set (3/03)
M281 Clark

M282 Ryan


M283/M284 Set (4/03)
M283 Clark

M284 Foster


M254/M275 Set (7/03)
M275 Richard

M254 Stuart

Clear Mode Rescue Team M25X Set was released on September 8th of 2000.  The Rescue set was the sixth in the clear mode series offered by Takara as Toys R Us store exclusive.  The Rescue Set included the "clear mode" versions of Rescue Microman M251, M252, M253 and M255.

Clear Mode Rescue Microman

Clear Mode Rescue Microman set came in same package design as the standard version.. Each figure came in black Rescue-style capsule.

Microman Rescue M25X Type

(Revived from oil field in America)


M251 Robin - leader of Rescue Team Microman, pilot of Rescue 1 Jetter.


M252  William - undertake rescue mission with Servo-Man Missiler.


M253 Richard - act as a liaison between Rescue Team members and Microman Police Keeper.


M255 Steve - corporate with Microman Spy Magician and study their spy skills.

Clear Mode M251, M252 and M253


Clear Mode M255 Steve

Clear Mode Rescue Microman came in black Rescue-style capsule.  Each figure also came with the Pulsar Shot and Energy backpack. While both Romando and Takara had already reissued clear version of M25X type (Romando did M255 Wilder in clear neon green and Takara had just released Mission-in-Stealth version of M25X), clear mode of M251-M253 made beautiful addition to the already colorful line-up of Rescue Team Microman.  While Takara released clear versions of all three original M25X Microman, only one new member, M255 Steve, was released in clear mode for this set. Takara probably picked M255 because they wanted to supercede the version done by Romando with their own version of M255.  Takara Clear Mode M255 Steve was done in dark smoke clear (he was black color in normal mode) and was quite a stark contrast from the neon green M255 that was done by Romando.


Toys R Us Clear Mode Checklist


Solid Mode* Founder Microman


Clear Mode Command 3

M18X Clear Mode Lady Command
M11X Clear Mode Microman Zone
M12X Clear Mode Microman Zone
M25X Clear Mode Rescue Team
M13X Clear Mode Spy Magician
M15X Clear Mode Command 1
M16X Clear Mode Command 2
H70X Clear Mode Micro Hoodman