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1999 Replica Microman Series
Microman Rescue Crew Series - M25X - M251 Robin, M252 William, M253 Richard, M255 Steve, M256 Virgil & M257 Charles (10/1999) 


Rescue Microman package.  The package was the same for all three set.  Each set came with M251, M252, M253 and one new member M255, M256 or M257 (simply designate as M25X on the package).


Takara added a nice touch to the capsule by including a sticker on the capsule which look very similar to the old second series Rescue capsule sticker proclaiming the capsule gimmick of able to launch the miniature glow in the dark Microman figure inside the tube.  Each figure also came with Rescue Microman Pulsar Short Energy Gun.


Takara plan to reissue Microman M254 in late 2002.  He was given M254 Stuart designation.  The figure will be sold as e-Hobby Exclusive 2-pack set and sold with M275 Richard.

Takara also recently gave Rescue Team Microman background origin story and mini-bio for all the members including M255-M257.

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Takara released Microman Rescue Crew M25X in three box set.   Each box set came with the three reissue M251-M253 and one of the new crew member M255, M256 or M257.   The package is similar to the Toy R Us solid barefoot exclusive and the A38X Acroyear.    Takara's M25X, obviously, used the same mold as the one used by Romando for their Microman 21 Rescue Set.   The mold appeared to be the original surviving molds from the vintage series, hence these figures are perfect reproduction of the original.   Takara reissued are much better than Romando, the joint are nice and tight and the waists and pelvic do not suffer from the twisting problem that plaque Romando versions due to defective metal hook that connect the legs and the body.   Upon opening the body, one can see that Takara has engineer a new metal hook that even superior to the one that came with vintage version.

Reissued M251 Robin, M252 William, & M253 Richard 

The colors of the reissue figures are very close to the originals.   The vintage M251-M253 seems to be slightly lighter in tone than the reissues but that could be simply because of the vintages are faded from age.   The three new Rescue Crew members consisted of M255 Steve, M256 Virgil and M257 Charles.  M255 was probably the most interesting of the three new members, he was done in all black color.  M256 Virgil was done in off-white and M257 Charles was in yellow.   It was a disappointment to see Takara forcing loyal fan to buy all three set to get the three new members.  Another disappointment was Takara's decision to override Romando designation for M255 Wilder and replaced him with their own M255 Steve.

While Takara did finally reissue M252 and M253 which were not done by Romando, M254 Wayne was conspicuously missing.  M254 was a dark blue and red M25X that was included with Rolling Thunder vehicle and reissued by Romando in 1997 as part of the Microman21 Rescue Set.

 Microman Rescue Crew Story

The Rescue Crew Microman is just like their name implies a search and rescue team of Microman force (thus explain the nature of their combative gears and bright color armor).   Rescue Crew, along with the Police Keeper Crew are responsible for the protection of Earth.   They response to the attack by the Acroyear and are also task with saving human from disaster such as landslide, flooding that cause by the depletion of resources by the Amazon Commanders.    Rescue Microman crew members are scattered throughout the world in all geographical setting to protect human and natural resources.   Rescue Crew Microman soon discovered the diabolical plan by the Ardens and Amazon Commanders to built "Acrotopia" on Earth.    Rescue Crew Microman and ServoMan,  along with the Rescue Servo, are given the mission of stopping Aroyears evil plan.

M255 Steve

M256 Vergil

M257 Charles

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