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1999 Replica Microman Series

Microman Command 2 - M161 Sheriff, M162 Sander, M163 Smith & M164 Sammy (3/1999)

Takara Replica Series Microman Command 2 card back.  The package was the slide out blister card type with beautiful card arts.  The figures were packed in action pose with the wings in a small plastic bag.  (Note: Replica Series Command 1 and 2 shared the same package design.)

Replica M163 had super clear plastic body just like the vintage version.  (Unlike Romando M163 which had cloudy plastic)

Replica M164 had gray plastic body with no glitter much like Mego Micronauts Pharoid.

(See also Romando Microman21 M16X Series Set A and Set B)

(See also 1977 Command - vintage Command 2 M16X)

M16X Microman

M161 Sheriff - well acquainted with the lay of the land.   Superb geographical knowledge.  He have special ability ray that can form rock.

M162 Sander -  knowledgeable about the underground geology.   Also have superb knowledge about earth historical ruins.

M163 Smith - have ability to control natural phenomenon.  He used his special power to study natural environment.

M164 Sammy - superb memory.  He has photographic memory and can recall any event in the past.  His ability is helpful in investigation.


Takara followed the release of Microman M10X barefoot with re-issues of Microman Command 1 & 2 in March of 1999 for their Replica Series.  This was to be expected since Command 1 & 2 molds were already refurbished by Romando and Romando Microman21 version were getting really hard to find.


Unlike Replica Microman Command 1, Microman Command 2 appeared to come from a different mold than the one used by Romando.  It was unclear what happen to the vintage mold that Romando was using, but the new Replica Command 2 did not came entirely from the vintage mold.  The main body was cast from entirely new mold.  The collar on the figure was slightly raised which prevent the head from moving up and down.

As for the figure colors, Takara version of reissue Microman Command 2, with the exception of M164 Sammy, came very close to the original vintage.  Takara Replica M163 Smith had completely clear green body unlike the Romando version which had cloudy plastic.   As for M164 Sammy, Takara decided to mold him in light gray plastic (much like Micronauts Type 2 gray Pharoid) instead of the glitter gray plastic.  This made Replica M164 very difference from the original and the Romando version. 

Command 1 & 2 Story (as translate from catalog)

Microman starts investigating the mystery surrounding the Acroyears being seen at every regional ancient ruins around the world.     Microman decides to investigate the ancient ruins to determined the connection between the Acroyears, the ancient civilization and perhaps to also learn more about ancient Microman that could have visited earth thousands of years ago.     The Spy Magicians discovered abnormally within the ancient ruins of the Easter Island statues.    They fire MX Spectrum Ray at the stone statue.     The Easter Island statues explode and human-size Microman appear inside standing within a burning pale flame.  (alpha H-7 radiation)    The new human size Microman then bath in sunlight and shrink to the same size as other Microman.    At about the same time, in the tomb of ancient Egyptian pyramid,  another Microman emerge from the sarcophagus.   The two newly arrived Microman call themselves Microman Command.