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2001 Replica Microman Series

Toys R Us Exclusive Clear Mode Command 1 (2/9/01)



Each came with matching capsule, a clear figure stand and winglets.

Takara finally released "Clear Mode" version of Microman Command 1 in February of 2001.  The set, again, was a Toys R Us Exclusive.   Clear Mode Command 1 set was the eighth in the Toys R Us Clear Mode Series.

Clear Mode Command 1 followed a new pattern set by Clear Mode Spy Magician M13X whereby the pelvic and shins were also done in clear plastic along with the main body parts.  Clear Mode version of previously clear body Microman ,such as the M153 here, had the reverse effect and the body (and capsule) were done in opaque plastic.

M151 East has clear purplish blue body with smoke pelvic and shins which made it difference than the normal version of M153 (which was greenish blue).  The blue is the same as the Clear Mode version of M122 Michael.  It's good that Takara at least try to keep the colors consistent.  M152 Eric is clear red with clear pelvic and shins.   M153 is the most interesting of the four, the body is light bright solid blue but with clear pelvic and shins.  The blue is very different from the normal color M151.   M154 is probably the most beautiful of the set. The body is dark smoke clear with bright clear yellow pelvic and shins.  The clear yellow is definitely stand out on this particular figure.

Clear Mode M153 Elder

Each figure came with matching capsule, clear stand and gold Command 1 type Anti-Repulsion wings.

Although this set is yet another repaint by Takara, the new twist of having clear pelvic and shins really added new excitement to the "Clear Mode" Series.  Also one can't help but feel that the Clear Mode version of Microman Command 1 was long over due since it was Command 1 Edge by Romando that re-started this current interest in Microman and brought about Takara Replica Microman Series.

Clear Mode M151 East

Clear Mode M152 Eric

Clear Mode M154 Evan