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Replica Microman Series

Toys R Us Exclusive - Complete Command Set M151sp, M163sp, M171sp and M184sp (3/00)


Lady Command

Lady Command 


Reissued Microman M18X (11/1999)
M181 Ann
M182 Alice
M183 Annie

M184 Ai



M185 Azone (1/00)
Azone International Exclusive MA-001 "Azone"

Complete Command (3/00)
Metallic Mode M184 - Toys R Us Exclusive

Clear Mode M18X (3/24/00)
Toys R Us Exclusive
Clear Mode M181
Clear Mode M182
Clear Mode M183

Clear Mode M184

M180 Maria (3/27/00)
Millennium Set with M170 Takeru - e-Hobby Exclusive 

Glitter Mode M180 (12/00)
Command Leaders Set B with M170 Takeru - eS! Toys Exclusive

M18X Arcee (?/00)

Kodashan Takara SF Land Prize



Toys R Us Exclusive

Complete Command set was packaged in flat window box similar to other Toys R Us Exclusive Microman


Metallic Microman Checklist


25th Anniversary Metallic  M10XS

Microman Puzzle Set M152SP

Microman Puzzle Set M164SP

Complete Command Set

Spy Magician Leaders Set

Robotman Reinforced Tactic Set



Metallic Mode M184 Ai

Complete Command Set was released in March of 2000 as Toys R Us (Japan) store exclusive. The set included special versions of Microman Commands (one from each of the four Command types) done in vac. metallic colors. The four Commands that got the metallic treatment were M151 East, M163 Smith, M171 Takuya and M184 Ai.  Each figure came in clear capsule with silver logo (instead of the usual gold or white).  Metallic figures had long been associated with Microman since the released of Microman Micro Knight in 1977 whose bodies were cover entirely in vac. metallic colors.  While these set gave collectors very beautiful looking Microman Command in bright metallic colors, Takara had released several exclusives and special figures in such short period that this set was often overlook. There were actually only a few metallic mode figures released by Takara for the Replica series and the Complete Command was the third set of Microman figures done in metallic colors.  Beside this set, Takara had previously released Microman M10X-S in metallic colors as 25th Anniversary set for TV Asahi in 1999 and two metallic figures (M152 & M164) for Microman Puzzle set. The only other metallic set were Spy Magician Leader and chrome M13X figure for Robotman Reinforced Tactical Set.

 M151 East was the third Command 1 Microman to be done in vac. metallic color. (The other two were M150 Edge by Romando and M152SP Eric from Microman Puzzle set). His body was done in metallic blue while the rest of the body was the same as the normal mode figure.  East came with standard gold Command 1 wings. M163 was the second Command 2 figure with vac. metallic body. (The first was M164SP Sammy from Microman Puzzle set).  M163 was interesting choice for metallic color since he was normally a clear green figure. Metallic version of M163 Smith was very nice as one do not see too many Microman with green chromed.  (He was the second Microman with metallic green body, the other was Microman Punch P.06 Hulk). Complete Command Smith came with clear capsule and standard gold Command 2 wings. M171 Takuya was the first Command 3 Microman to be done in metallic colors.  Complete Command M171 had metallic red body.  He came with clear capsule and standard chromed Command 3 Rocket Wings and Cutter Bracelets. M184 Ai was also the first Lady Command to be done in metallic color. The color on the figure turned out more purple than pink and gave the figure somewhat interesting color scheme. Complete Command Ai came with clear capsule and chromed Angelic Wings.

Metallic Mode M171 Takuya

While this set gave collectors Microman Commands in beautiful metallic colors, the set lost some special appeal when Takara put out so many of the exclusives and limited editions.  This was unfortunate because the set contained figures such as Lady Command and Command 3, for the first time in metallic colors.  Beside this set Takara only done two more set of Command figures in metallic mode both of which were the Glitter Mode version of the Command Leaders.

L-R Metallic Mode M151 East and Metallic Mode M163 Smith