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Replica Microman Series 

M185/MA-001 Azone - AZONE Exclusive (1/00)


Lady Command

Lady Command 


Reissued Microman M18X (11/1999)
M181 Ann
M182 Alice
M183 Annie

M184 Ai



M185 Azone (1/00)
Azone International Exclusive MA-001 "Azone"

M184 Ai (SP) (2/00)
Complete Command Set -
Toys R Us Exclusive

Clear Mode M18X (3/24/00)
Toys R Us Exclusive
Clear Mode M181
Clear Mode M182
Clear Mode M183

Clear Mode M184

M180 Maria (3/27/00)
Millennium Set with M170 Takeru - e-Hobby Exclusive

Glitter Mode M180 (12/00)
Command Leaders Set B with M170 Takeru - eS! Toys Exclusive

M18X Arcee (?/00)
Kodashan Takara SF Land Book  Prize

MA-001 Azone was the first variants of Lady Command figures to be released by Takara for the Replica Microman Series.  This figure along with Golden Age M004 Eiji Gold started off the busiest year for the Replica Series. The figure was done as an exclusive for AZONE International. (A doll clothing company).  The figures were sold at Winter Festival, Super Festival and also as mail-away premium, and were limited to just around 1500 pieces. MA-001 Azone was a smoke clear Lady Command M18X type with gold plated head.  Azone had black lower legs, feet and hands.  (Azone was the first Lady Command figure to sport clear body.) The figure also came with matching smoke clear capsule and a pair of gold plated "Angelic Wings".  During this time Takara had yet to include Microman figure stand with each figure. The figure was sold inside small plastic bag with small paper insert.

AZONE Exclusive

MA-001 "Azone" came packaged inside small plastic bag with just a small color paper insert.


M185 Azone / MA-001

Belong to Lady Command specialist unit. Expert in medical treatment machine. Very quiet and often go unnoticed by her fellow Microman.  Even her friend sometimes don't realized her presence since she often blend into the background almost invisible like her transparent body.  Though quiet, she is a very capable when in a fight, and active in the role of recon and rescue mission.



The figure was first designated as just MA-001 Azone but Hyper Hobby Magazine later designated the figure as Microman M185 Azone.   It was unclear why Takara decided to change this figure designation.  Regardless of the reason, MA-001 Azone became the sixth and the last member (so far) of Microman M18X series.

Azone suffered from the same problems as other reissued versions of Microman Lady Command such as the poor fitting wings (to the legs) and loose ankles and feet.  These minor problems aside, Azone made a fine addition to the Lady Command line-up especially with her gleaming golden wings, translucent smoke color body and gold plated head.