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Replica Microman Series

Toys R Us Exclusive Clear Mode M18X Type -  M181, M182, M183 & M184 (3/00)


Lady Command

Lady Command 


Reissued Microman M18X (11/1999)
M181 Ann
M182 Alice
M183 Annie

M184 Ai



M185 Azone (1/00)
Azone International Exclusive MA-001 "Azone"

M184 Ai (SP) (2/00)
Complete Command Set Metallic Mode -
Toys R Us Exclusive

Clear Mode M18X (3/24/00)
Toys R Us Exclusive
Clear Mode M181
Clear Mode M182
Clear Mode M183

Clear Mode M184

M180 Maria (3/27/00)
Millennium Set with M170 Takeru Takara e-Hobby Exclusive 

Glitter Mode M180 (12/00)
Command Leaders Set B with M170 Takeru - eS! Toys Exclusive

M18X Arcee (?/00)

Kodashan Takara SF Land Prize



Toys R Us Exclusive

Clear Mode Lady Command was packaged in flat window box similar to other Toys R Us Clear Mode Exclusive Microman



Clear Mode M184 Ai



Toys R Us Clear Mode Checklist


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Microman Command 3 M17X

Microman Lady Command M18X

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Microman Spy Magician M13X

Microman Command 1 M15X

Microman Command 2 M16X

Micro Hoodman H70X



Clear Mode Microman Lady Command set was the third in what would be a long running series of "Clear Mode" Microman sold at Toys R Us stores as their store exclusive. Clear Mode versions took standard Microman figures and cast them in translucent plastics of their colors. If the original figures were already done in translucent plastics then they would get the reverse treatment and became opaque versions of the same figures.

Clear Mode Lady Command set was released in March of 2000 during the peak of Replica Microman series. The set replicate the four original Lady Command in their respective translucent version.  Each figure also came with beautiful matching "Clear Mode" capsules. The plastic quality was the same as the reissued versions and was generally very good for the most part. The translucent plastics were crystal clear and matched well with the colors of their respective "solid" counterparts which was typical of Takara excellent attention to small details.

L-R Clear Mode M181 Ann, M182 Alice and M183 Annie


Each Clear Mode Lady Command came with a pair of silver "Angelic Wings" just like their normal mode version. The Clear Mode versions suffered the same fit problem as their reissued versions. The wings did not fit well to the legs and the feet ankles and anklet pieces were very loose. The feet ports were also slightly larger than the standard 5mm which made them difficult to fit onto the figure stand.

Clear Mode Lady Command, while gave interesting variations to the old design, they became yet another Microman variants released by Takara to the market that already flooded with several exclusives and limited editions Microman. What once make these variants special and exotic would became mundane as Takara churned out more and more variations of their Replica Microman figures.