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Replica Microman Series 

Reissued Lady Command M181 Ann, M182 Alice, M183 Annie & M184 Ai (11/1999)


Lady Command

Lady Command 


Reissued Microman M18X (11/1999)
M181 Ann
M182 Alice
M183 Annie

M184 Ai



M185 Azone (1/00)
Azone International Exclusive MA-001 "Azone"

Complete Command (3/00)
Metallic Mode M184 - Toys R Us Exclusive

Clear Mode M18X (3/24/00)
Toys R Us Exclusive
Clear Mode M181
Clear Mode M182
Clear Mode M183

Clear Mode M184

M180 Maria (3/27/00)
Millennium Set with M170 Takeru - e-Hobby Exclusive 

Glitter Mode M180 (12/00)
Command Leaders Set B with M170 Takeru - eS! Toys Exclusive

M18X Arcee (?/00)
Kodashan Takara SF Land Prize




Replica Lady Command

Microman Lady Command came packaged in blister card like the other reissued Microman Commands. The back of the card featured pictures and info from vintage Microman catalog. 

Lady Command Story

Microman Command searched of Earth ancient ruins led them to sky over New York.  The alpha H-7 detector unit inside their Surveyor 1 detected unknown Microman signal.  Microman Commands were surprised because there were no ancient ruins in the area.  They began to investigate and discovered the signal came from Statue Liberty.  They switch the main cannon on Surveyor 1 to high output Spectrum MX mode and fired it at the statue.  New female Microman emerged as streak of light from Statue of Liberty

M181 Ann: Expert in medical treatment for injure Microman, especially in emergency care.

M182 Alice: Expert in math and complex calculation.  Excellent at providing backup support.

M183 Annie: Excellent knowledge of herbs and plants in making medicine and remedy to cure illness.

M184 Ai: Expert psychologist and has superb telepathic ability.

(See also Micro Design 1977 Command Series -  Lady Command)



Replica M181 Ann

The return of the Microman angels had been much anticipated by all Microman collectors.   Takara did an excellent job at the reproductions of these much sought after Microman figures.  The newly recast molds were very closely resembled the original that one can only tell the difference by putting the them side by side.   Like the reissued Command 3, the body details was very good but still had slightly differences from the original such as some of the engrave lines were wider or shaped differently.  The reissued Lady Command's head was much better than the reissued Command 3's head.   Lady Command head retain much of the details of the original only suffered only slightly from the smooth out effect on top section.  The capsule was very nicely done and were very close to the original version.  It seem that Takara used thinner plastic for the skirt section which made the green (Annie) and the blue (Alice) to had somewhat semi-translucent skirts.  The only flaw was the poor fitting parts.  The feet were a little too loose, the arm sockets recess too deep, and the wings did not fit too well into the legs.

Vintage Lady Command figures were some the rarest of all the regular issued Microman figures. They were the only female Microman figure in the entire Microman line up from 1974 to present.  Back in 1977, it was quite a bold move for Takara to produce girl action-figure for a boy toys line.  Takara like many other companies were probably trying to get girls to interest in their best selling toys line and increased the sale. Lady Command was originally introduced as Microman who had came to earth long ago and appeared to human as angels.  They remained hidden inside the Statue of Liberty until they were discovered by Microman Commands.

L-R: Replica M182 Alice, M183 Annie and M184 Ai