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1999 Replica Microman Series

M100 Tom - PSX Game Prize (1/99)

M105 James - Central Hobby Microman Jig-Saw Puzzle Set (2/99)

M106 Jason - Central Hobby Microman Jig-Saw Puzzle Set (4/99)


Microman Tom came with smoke clear version of Microman Zone style capsule.

M105 and M106 came with clear Microman Zone style capsules.

M100 Tom was special give-away contest prize during the promotion for Microman game for PSX (Japanese Playstation).  Only 1188 pieces were produced for this give-away. (1188 was the number of known Microman currently living on earth according to Takara Microman lore)  Takara gave away 396 prizes each month for three consecutive months.  M100 Tom was a smoke clear version of the reissued M10X "barefoot" type with dark chrome version of Microman M102 style chest plate.  Tom had black hands and feet and came with matching smoke clear capsule (Microman Zone style).  Microman Tom would be the first of countless variations of the M10X barefoot.

Followed the promotion of Microman Tom, Takara released second variant of Microman M10X and designated him as M105 James.  M105 came as exclusive figure for Microman jig-saw puzzle published by Central Hobby.  M105 James was a clear purple M10X barefoot with M101 style chest-piece in matching metallic purple.  M105 James came with all clear Microman Zone style capsule.

Central Hobby released second set of Microman jig-saw puzzle with another M10X "barefoot" Microman designated as M106 Jason (misspelled as "Jayson" on the side panel) The set was sold as sort of exclusive for 1999 Tokyo Toy Fair.  The puzzles could only be ordered by those who attended the Toy Fair and were limited to 3000 sets.  The jigsaw puzzle with M106 Jason was the exact same one that came with M105 James.   M106 was very unique since he was not only the first clear red M10X Microman but he also came with red feet and hands.  M106 came in clear Microman Zone style capsule just liked his predecessor M105 James.   M106 chest plate was the same as M103 Jesse but it was done in black chrome instead of gold chrome.

Puzzle Caption

"Several hundred million years ago, when earth was still a form of a glame, in a galaxy far away, there was MicroEarth, which in a environmental equivalent to the earth, Microman was building a Utopia.  But suddenly it caused a misterious big eruption and vanished from the galaxy systemIII But with the strong vital force, Microman was able to hibernate inside the crystal force created by the big eruption, and wander the space.  Years after, the ray from the Sun caused them to suddenly awake from their sleep....As soon as Microman reached earth, they started to investigate if this planet could serve as their new homeland.  Earth was a land of titans.   After gathering various information, the Microman concluded that they would build a new Utopia on this planet.  As their detailed plan was being built and their investigation progressed, a peculiar information was found.  There was a sign that there might be other allies in this planet.  When the big eruption occurred, some of their allies were transformed inside the crystal and somehow raced to the Earth. By researching their re-hibernation then to life again and built a tower-base.   And now they were ready to fire the Spetre MX rays..."

M100 Tom

M105 James

M106 Jason