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Replica Microman Series
Microman Founder - M10X Series 

Founder Series

Replica Microman Series

M10X (barefoot) (12/98)
M101 George
M102 Jack
M103 Jesse
M104 John


PSX Microman Game Exclusive (1/99)
M100 Tom

Central Hobby Jigsaw Puzzle Exclusive
M105 James  (2/99) 
M106 Jason Toy Festival Exclusive (4/99)

UFO/Crane Machine Prize (5/99) Crane game machine prizes version of M101-M104.                 

M10X-H  Hyper Hobby Exclusive (7/99)
M101-H Hyper George
M102-H Hyper Jack
M103-H Hyper Jesse

M104-H Hyper John

Solid Mode M101-M104 Set - Toys R Us Exclusive (8/8/99)

M101S-M104S Metallic Edition - TV show "Trouble Chocolete"  mail-order 25th anniversary metallic mode M10X barefoot  (11/5/99) 

M101S-M104S Metallic Edition 2nd Released - TV Asahi Exclusive 25th Anniversary Microman. (4/10/00)

Microman Founders in Takara Historical colors - Henshin Cyborg colors Microman barefoot - 20th Century Toys Exclusive during Microman Toys Museum Exhibits at Misukoshi store, Tokyo (12/26/99-01/9/00)

Acroyear Origin Set - 20th Century Toys Exclusive during Microman Museum Toys Exhibits at Nagoya & Osaka  (3/29/00 & 4/9/00)

Victory Edition M10X 2nd released - Takara e-Hobby Exclusive (4/01)

The first Microman to be reproduced by Takara after 25 years were, appropriately, the much sought after M10X barefoot Microman.  The M10X type were the very first Microman figures to be released by Takara back in 1974.  Actually when they were first appeared, these Microman came without any names or designation numbers, they were simply call Clear Microman, Yellow Microman, Blue Microman and Orange Microman.  In 1975, during the second year of Microman toys, Takara revised the first Microman series and gave them names, designations along with new feet (shoes), longer cuffs and most important of all the 5mm port in their backs.   These first series Microman later became known as the M10X barefoot type or the four Founder Microman.

Takara also release several variations of M101-M104 including opaque version, chrome version along with some new members to the M10X series (taking cue from the popular but shot live Romando Microman Two-One).   In late 1999, Takara also released several Microman barefoot as "souvenir" or "commemorative" figures.  These figures are not part of M10X members but were just simply "souvenir" pieces.  These Microman Barefoot became known as the Souvenir Microman.   They also planned Microman jockeys but these were later cancel.  In 2000, Takara granted licensed to a small garage toys company call Altimet to produce new Souvenir Microman barefoot that was sold with fabric costumes.  These Souvenir Microman also known as Victory Series.

Along with the Replica Microman figures, Takara also licensed Microman for several merchandises such as the telephone straps, Zippo lighters, trading cards set and Microman watches.  (The Microman Watches Set was cancel for 1999 but Takara is again offering them for the year 2000.)

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Original Microman Story
M10X were the first Microman to arrived on modern day Earth. They came from MicroEarth in hibernation capsules after MicroEarth was destroyed. When the capsules were ejected from the planet it reacted with the alpha H-7 radiation and covered the capsules in crystal structures.  Microman drifted through space for four billion years, when they were finally awoken by the ray of the sun.
Microman found that the alpha H-7 radiation when reacted with the sun light also reduced their body to small size. The alpha H-7 radiation also reacted with the environment in which the crystallized capsules resided and caused automatic evolution that altered their appearances. They decided to search for other Microman  by building the M115 Conning Tower. The M115 send out Spectrum MX Ray that would revive other Microman from their hibernation.

Souvenir Microman Series

Show Exclusive Souvenir Microman (1999) Limited Edition Microman M10X with toys show logo

Victory Projects Souvenir Microman (1/19/00) Super Festival Exclusive 

  • VP01-VP03 Grapple Set -  Microman barefoot in Karate Outfit (Set of three GI Joe style M10X barefoot & costumes)

  • VP04 SkeletonMan Set - Replacement Skeleton head and chest plate with skeleton costume for M10X barefoot.

  • VP05 GrayMan Set - Replacement Area52 Alien Gray head and costume for M10X barefoot.

Microman Jockey - M10X type Microman in jockey outfit.  Plan to be giving away at horse race track. (canceled)

Microman Giants Baseball Players - M10X type in baseball player outfits.  (canceled)