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    2000 Microman Replica Series
Birth of Acroyear Set  - 20th Century Toy Exclusive Nagoya Toys Show (3/29/00) & Osaka Toys Show (4/9/00)


Birth of Acroyear Set package.  The back of the package show how a poor Microman mutated into an Acroyear.


Both figures also came with clear green New Microman type capsules.  Takara probably used the capsule because of  big size to accommodate Acroyear figure and also because the capsule look a little like the crystal prism that Microman were encased in after the explosion of Micro-Earth

Acroyear Origin came with full set of A30X accessories done in translucent green color

Takara released special two-pack set as 20th Century Toy Exclusive.  The set was title "Birth of Acroyear" or "Acroyear Origin".  The set was sold at the Nagoya Toys Show and Osaka Toys Show put on by 20th Century Toy which featured Takara Microman Traveling Museum Exhibit.   The set was the second in this "Historical Museum" series.  (The first one was "Founders Microman Set" which was also sold during previous Microman Traveling Museum at  toy shows)

Acroyear Origin Set depicted Takara early story of how Acroyears came about.  In the early Microman catalog,  Acroyears were depicted as the unfortunate Microman whose crystal capsules landed in the polluted ocean floor.  PBC and other pollutants caused Microman inside to mutate and became an Acroyear.  While the Acroyears gain super ability and able to negate the effect of Alpha H-7 i.e. they can grow to gargantuan size, their minds, however, had became small, twisted, mad and evil

Green A30X with translucent limbs & green Acro-Wing.

Birth of Acroyear was one of the nicer reissue variants to come out from Takara.  The subject matter depicted by the set was very interesting to Microman collectors and the figures were absolutely well done in beautiful color scheme. 

Translucent green M10X

Acroyear Origin Set comes with a green Microman barefoot (the only color missing so far from the reissue M10X) and a green Acroyear.   The barefoot Microman came in dark clear green body with green hands/cuffs and feet.  The head and chest piece were also done in green chrome.  Acroyear figure in this set  was very beautifully done, he had dark grayish green with clear green limbs.   His heads, ball fists and feet were done in green chrome.   He came complete with matching green accessories wings, and missile launcher and wheels attachments.