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Replica A30X Acroyear (5/99) 
A301 Red Star
A302 Silver Star
A303 Blue Star
A304 Green Star


Replica A38X Acroyear - Toys R Us Exclusive (9/99)
A381 Fire Star
A382 Earth Star
A383 Sky Star 

Birth of Acroyear Set - 20th Century Toys Exclusive at Nagoya & Osaka Toys Show (3/29/00 & 4/9/00) 

Microman Watch Set A384 Iron Star (with M110 Preton) Takara e-Hobby Exclusive (2/01)

Victory Edition A30X Set 2nd released - Takara e-Hobby Exclusive (4/01)

Bounty Hunter Acroyear  A38X Rock Star - Warp Magazine Exclusive (10/01)

Robotman's Power-Up Set White A30X - Nagoya Robot Station 2002 Exclusive (5/1/02)

The first Acroyear type to be reissue by Takara in the Replica Microman Series was the much sough after A30X type or the First Acroyear.  This "classic" A30X type Acroyear was released back in 1975 as the first enemy of Microman.   Takara did an excellent job at replicate the die-cast body and even included all the accessories.  Beside the original three members (A301, A302 & A303), Takara also "reproduced" A304 Green Star which only appeared as prototype figure in early 1974 Microman-zone catalog.  A304 was probably planed as part of four members Acroyear team but Takara decided to reduce them to just three members and A304 was left out from the final production.   Another interesting fact was that Takara originally gave Acroyear "M30X" designation, this was of course change to the now familiar "A30X" designation.   Reissue A304 Green Star was limited to one per display box.

Reissue A30X display box.

In 1979, Takara repainted A30X Acroyear and refitted him with cape to match the Satan Arden, then sold them as all new "A38X" type.   Takara reissued this particular A38X series in September of 1999 as Toys R Us Exclusive three-pack set.   Takara was going to release a metallic color A30X with Microman Watch but this item was cancel.  However in December of 2000, Takara will resurrect the plan for the watch and it will be sold with A384 Iron Star and M110 Preton.

Takara released special second Historical Series call Birth of Acroyear set which was sold at Osaka toy show on March 29th, 2000.  Birth of Acroyear depicted the early concept of Acroyear as Microman whose capsule landed in pollution and was mutate into evil being.   This beautiful set came with dark seaweed green A30X with clear green limbs and green chrome parts.   The set also came with clear green M10X barefoot to represent Acroyear before the transformation.    

The Acroyear Story

 The first Acroyear that was introduced in 1974 Microman "catarog" was Green Star Acroyear however he was never released as an actual toy by Takara.   In the early "catarog", Acroyears were Microman that came to earth but landed in polluted environment under the seabed.   The pollution not only altered the body but also the mind  of  Acroyears to become evil and twisted.