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2001 Replica Microman Series

2001 Victory Edition (2nd released) M10X "barefoot" and A30X Acroyear Set - e-Hobby Exclusive (4/2001)

Victory Edition M102 Jack

Victory Edition of M10X barefoot came from a brand new run and not repackage of the first run toys.  The plastics used for the 2nd releases were crystal clear and not cloudy like the first run.  Takara also gave darker color for the chest piece on M102.


Victory Edition M10X came with blue color capsule with the later version of logo design.  Takara also included with each Victory Edition M10X a pair of black guns.





Takara re-released M10X barefoot Microman and A30X first series Acroyear for limited time on their e-Hobby website as a promotional campaign for Victory Project 2001 reissue of Robotman toy.

Victory Edition M10Xs came on the same card as the first version but with removable blister package.  The packages were also marked with gold "Victory 2001" sticker.  Takara included a pair of guns (like the one that came with reissue M12X type) but this time in black color.  Takara also changed the capsule to blue color (this was the first time blue color capsule was reissued by Takara).   Takara made the 2nd released a little difference from the first which not only help to preserve the value of the first edition but also give incentive for collectors to buy the Victory Edition.   The 2nd released of M10X appeared to be from a brand new run and not repackage of left over toys from two years ago.  The figures from Victory Editions were done in crystal clear plastic and not the cloudy clear plastic.  Takara also made the joints tighter and also used brighter and deeper color chrome for the chest plate.  (This was most notable on M102, his chest plate is now darker and more copper color tone like it should be).


Victory Edition A30X were sold as a set only on Takara e-Hobby web site.  The set included A304 Green Star which was a short pack figure when Replica A30X were originally released in May of 1999.   A30X appeared to be very similar to the first run, the paint however is a little thicker on this edition.   It seems Takara put on extra coat of paint for this run to solve the problem of uneven paint coverage of the first run.  The figures came package in the same box but with small "Victory 2001" gold sticker.   This set was sold out quickly on Takara e-Hobby shop probably because the set included the elusive A304 Green Star.

Along with the re-released of M10X and A30X, Takara also added the "Victory 2001" sticker badge to M11X (and presumably all the others they still have in-stock) selling from their e-Hobby web site.