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2001 Replica Microman Series

Microman Watch Set with M110 Preton and A384 Iron Star Takara e-Hobby Exclusive (2/2001)


Microman Watch

The watch is plastic Swatch type wrist watch.  The dial has picture of M103 from early Microman-zone catalog.


Interestingly, each figure came with an all black New Microman style capsule.  The solid black capsule made them look a lot like a coffin.  Takara probably used  New Microman type capsule to accommodate Acroyear figures.

Takara originally planed to release two set of Microman Watches - one for the Acroyear and one for Microman back in 1999.  The watches were planned to be sold in a tin collectible case and each would be packaged with an exclusive figures - a smoke clear M10X for Microman design watch and gray A30X for Acroyear design watch.  However due to insufficient orders and high cost, Takara canceled the plan.  

Takara revived the plan for Microman Watch Set in 2000 and decided to change it from the original plan.  The plan now consisted of only one watch, a Microman design based on cheaper Swatch type plastic watch.  The set however came with two better selection of exclusive figures - M110 Preton, a figure based on the Microman gum premium from 1976 and A384 Iron Star, a burnt iron color A38X type Acroyear.   Takara offered the set as Takara e-Hobby (Takara's on-line store) exclusive.

M110 Preton came with newly design sticker sheet so he would match the rest of the M11X members. (Original figures did not have sticker).  A384 was done in burnt iron color with metallic gray limbs instead of the usual black which made him slightly difference from the rest of A38X members.  A384 came with matching Acroyear accessories -  Acro-Wing, Bazooka, roller wheel, two roller arms, and two missiles.

M110 Preton

Expert in cosmic energy research.

A384 Iron Star

Acroyear strongest special member.  Body consisted of super alloy material.


The Microman Watch Set came package in a beautiful looking box.