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Replica Microman Series 

Takara Reproduction Microman Zone Series M11X Type & M12X Type 

 Microman Zone

Microman M11X Type

Microman M11X (4/2000)

M111 Boson
M112 Barnes
M113 Bobby

M114 Blacky



Clear Mode M11X (6/9/00)
Toys R Us Exclusive
Clear Mode M111
Clear Mode M112
Clear Mode M113

Clear Mode M114

M110 Preton (2/01)
Microman Watch Set with Acroyear A384 Iron Star - Takara e-Hobby Exclusive 


M115 Ben (3/02)
Prototype Head Version Set with M125 Morgan - Figure Oh! Magazine Exclusive

M11X Tokyo Toy Fest (2/04)
Tokyo Toy Festival Exclusive Microman M11X


Microman M12X Type


Microman M12X (5/2000)

M121 Mason
M122 Michael
M123 Miller

M124 Max



Clear Mode M12X (7/9/00)
Toys R Us Exclusive
Clear Mode M121
Clear Mode M122
Clear Mode M123

Clear Mode M124

MW100Snow (4/01)
Warp Magazine Exclusive 


M12X "Dragon Eye" (7/24/01)
Electric Dragon 80000V Set  with M14X "The Thunderbolt Buddha" - Movie Exclusive


M125 Morgan (3/02)
Prototype Head Version Set with M115 Ben - Figure Oh! Magazine Exclusive 

Graphic design from the exclusive M11X Series T-shirt by Sashida of Oriental Technology. These T-shirts were sold at Wonder Fest where Takara granted one day limited license for fans to produce Microman garage kits and merchandise to be sold at the show. (This particular T-shirt was a gift from Felix Lu of Fantasia Toyz)

Takara released Replica Microman M11X in April of 2000 and followed by the companion series M12X in May of the same year. The reissued M11X was the first "new" reproduction toys produced by Takara since the released of Spy Magician back in December of 1999. (Most of the Replica toys released in between were either exclusive recolor versions of the previously reissued Microman or special edition varieties. Both the M11X and M12X appeared to came from the new molds recast from the vintage figures. There were some small noticeable differences between the new version and the vintage 1970's series. The new figures also appeared to be a little shorter (artifact of the recast process). The figures overall however were very nice and unless one were to put the old and the new side by side, it would be very hard to discern the differences.

M11X Story

Microman M11X are the Microman who were revived near earth planet core. Their bodies have undergone major evolution and every organs were replaced with cybernetic parts. They have unique energy circuit unlike any other Microman.

M111 Bobson - very intelligence and a leader of M11X.

M112 Barnes - medical doctors.  Head of Micro-Red Cross.

M113 - Bobby - great talent in development of weapons.

M114 Blacky - great knowledge of universal science. 

M12X story

Microman M12X was revived near the earth crust by Spectrum MX ray send out by the M10X Microman.  They were revived at the same time as the M11X type Microman.  M12X body was influence by the earth crust.

M121 Mason - great research scientist on natural phenomenon. 

M122 Michael - great pilot and can operate any vehicle with great ease.

M123 Miller - has super photographic memory

M124 Max - researching the galaxy. Pilot Robotman.


The M11X and the M12X were originally released back in 1975 as followed up series to the M10X (the first series Microman). These figures began the departure from the Henshin Cyborg heritage and Microman series began to come to its own design. M11X and M12X were more "mechanical-like" in designs than the M10X series and the initial version of these figures were shown with robotic head as these two types of Microman were suppose to be Android A version of Microman. Takara would later reissued M11X and M12X with these Prototype Head as M115 Ban and M125 Morgan. Beside these special set, Takara also reissued M110 Preton which was originally a Microman Gum Premium exclusive from 1976. Takara also released clear mode version of these two types as Toys R Us exclusive along with movie tie-in figure for Electric Dragon movie. In 2004, Takara released Tokyo Toy Fest commemorative Microman using the M11X. The Tokyo Toy Fest M11X was the first Replica Microman figures to be released by Takara since the line went on hiatus in 2003.