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US Commemorative Series

In 2002, Takara launched a new reissued Transformers line called "Collection".  The "Collection" series came packaged in a new beautiful collectible flap window box.  The box flap features artwork by Dreamwave Studio (publisher of US Transformers comics). Each box also included "build-a-guide" inserts that can be combined together in a binder to make a comprehensive "Guide to Transformers Series".  The T/F Anniversary Reissued series was discontinued and the "Collector's Edition" line became a T/F line for color variants of the reissued toys (many were the Diaclone or Microman color variations that never saw released as Transformers until now).  Hasbro also released US version of Takara reissued Transformers under "Commemorative Series".  While the first two US series used the "facsimile" of the vintage style box much like Takara Anniversary line, Series 3 adopted Takara new flap window box style but retained the vintage "grid" motif as the backdrop. US released suffered from several alterations to conform with both the new US safety regulations and Hasbro cost-cutting measures, however, US editions did give collectors the previously reissued toys by Takara that were only available as limited edition or as exclusives.  Since Collection Series Transformers are being cover extensively on my friend site Rik Ruff's My Cool Toyz, this section will feature listing of both Collection Series and Hasbro Commemorative Series.


Note : Takara cancel TF Collection Series in 2005. I am not sure if this was intentional on Takara part to end the Collection series at #21 Broadcast since incidentally original Microman Micro Change series last toy to be release was MC21 Microman Sound Fighter Robo which became Transformers G1 Broadcast (US TF G1 - Blaster). Hasbro is still releasing reissued TF Commemorative Series but are done in very limited number to just a few figures per year (they are sold exclusively at Toys R Us). Also later box arts are being done by another studio since Dreamwave went out of business.


Collector's Edition Series

 Takara T/F Collection Series  2002-2005


 Collection 1 : Meister (Jazz)


Collection 2 : Prowl

Collection 3 : Skids


Collection 4 : Track


Collection 5 : Smokescreen


Collection 6 : Megatron



Collection 0 : Convoy (Optimus Prime)


Collection 7 : Lambor (Sideswipe)


Collection 8 : Inferno


Collection 9 : Starscream


Collection 10 : Soundwave


Collection 11 : Astrotrain


Collection 12 : Mini-car Robots


Collection 13 : Target Master Hot Rod


Collection 14 : Hound


Collection 15 : Stepper


Collection 16 : Insecticons

Collection 17 : Blizwings


Collection 18 : Soundblaster

Collection 19 : Perceptor


Collection 20 : Kup & Wheelie


Collection 21 : Broadcast








 Hasbro Commemorative Series  2002-2006


Series I (7/02)

Optimus Prime

 Ultra Magnus

Rodimus Major (Hot Rod)


Series II (12/02)


Power Optimus Prime




Series III (4/03)


Autobot Jazz





Series IV (6/03)



Red Alert 



Series V (9/03)







Series VI (12/03)






Series VII (2/04)


Rodimus Prime



Series VIII (2005)








Series IX (2005)








Series X (2006)