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  2000 Replica Microman Series
Hyper Hobby Exclusive - MC7 Flame Micro Knight VS Cosmo Satan Arden A350 Lucifer  (12/2000) 


Hyper Hobby Exclusive Set

Each figures also came in their own individual package.  MC7 MicroKnight came in clear red Police Keeper style case and A350 Lucifer came in replica Satan Arden window box.

Flame Micro Knight VS Lucifer set was the second Hyper Hobby mail-order exclusive.  The figures were offer in Hyper Hobby issue #28 which also featured extensive pictorial article on Replica Microman Series.

This Hyper Hobby set featured new member of both Arden and MicroKnight series. MC7 is a red metallic MicroKnight and A350 Lucifer is a gold color Arden with translucent limbs.  (Note: Romando also issued MC7 MicroKnight named Black in 1997.  Takara once again override Romando designation).

Hyper Hobby and Takara included matching accessories for both MC7 and A350.  MC7 came with beautiful clear red Police Keeper style capsule and a clear red figure stand.  The figure also came with all the MicroKnight accessories including the new Micro Lance and Micro Sword in matching metallic red chrome color.  A350 Lucifer came with Arden Cape, clear Arden Chest Cannon and gold plated missiles.


MC7 accessories included clear red figure stand, standard black Pulsar Short gun, and matching metallic red  Micro Lance, Micro Sword and Police Keeper Shield.

A350 accessories included clear version of Arden chest cannon and golden missiles.

MC07 Flame Micro Knight

Cosmo Satan Arden A350 Lucifer

 "Golden God of Destruction" - decided to come to Earth himself.  Dissatisfy with the slow progress on the plan to take over the Earth.