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Replica Microman Series 

Microman Police Keeper Micro Knight


Micro Knight

Micro Knight


Replica Micro Knight MC-X (9/2000)
MC8 Silver

MC9 Gold
MC10 Black
MC11 Blue

MC12 Copper

MC13 Green




Glitter Mode MC-X (10/00)
Toys R Us Exclusive
Glitter Mode MC8
Glitter Mode MC9
Glitter Mode MC10

Glitter Mode MC12


MC7 Flame (12/00)
Hyper Hobby Exclusive with A350 Lucifer 


Takara released reissued Microman Micro Knight in September of 2000 as part of the Replica Microman Series.  The decision to reissue Micro Knight was much debated by Takara due to the fact that Micro Knight had just been reissued by Romando for Microman Two-One series in 1997.  Also by late 2000, Takara was in a lot of financial trouble and the last they needed was unsold products especially with the demand for the reissue Microman on the decline.  In the end, Takara decided to release Micro Knight on a very limited basis and the toys were made just enough to fill the orders.  Takara also pre-sold much of the stock to a US distributor (Diamond) as a way to reduce production cost.

Micro Knight Story

Microman Police Keeper build MicroKnight to fight against the new enemy - Satan Ardens, using the Mini-Robotman as a prototype design.   MicroKnight are not Microman but rather an android.  The body of MicroKnight is coated with special Nitrate compounds which were a naturally occurring substance on Micro-Earth.  The special coating allowed the MicroKnight to withstand Arden's Chest Bomber attack without suffer serious damage.  The Micro Knights were the same size as the Microman and share the same 5mm ports system, so they can used Microman weapons such as the Police Keeper's Pulsar Wave Energy Gun and the Police Keeper Shield.  When the Pulsar Gun is used by MicroKnight, the energy came from inside the android's internal reactor furnace core and then channel through the backpack which made the beam three times more powerful than the normal Police Keeper Pulsar Gun.




As an added incentive for collectors to buy the Replica Series Micro Knight (since most collectors already had the Romando reissues), Takara produced two new accessories for the figure - Micro Sword and Micro Lance. Takara Replica Micro Knight appeared to have come from the same molds used by Romando several years back. These molds were believed to be surviving molds from the original 1978 releases. Takara reissued the original six Micro Knights (MC8 to MC13) along with a special mail-away MC7 Flame Micro Knight for Hyper Hobby Magazine.  Takara also planned a clear mode versions for Toys R Us but these were canceled, instead a special "Glitter Mode" versions were sold as Toys R Us Exclusive.