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2000 Microman Reissue Series
MicroKnight Replica Series MC8 Silver, MC9 Gold, MC10 Black, MC11 Blue, MC12 Copper & MC13 Green (9/2000)


Takara MicroKnight come in reissue of old clear blue with glitters case (Police Keeper style). 

MicroKnight reissues are sold individually and come package in plastic baggie with sticker label on the back.


Micro Sword and Micro Lance

Police Keeper Shield

Pulsar Shot Wave Energy Gun. The hose is now made from softer plastic than the one that came with Takara Reissue Rescue M25X.

Takara reissued MicroKnight series in September of 2000.  This was the second times that this set of figures was reissued.   The first reissue set was done by Romando (under licensed from Takara) in 1997.  Takara fixed few of the problems that plaque Romando version such as the crack wrist cuffs and most importantly the colors of the figures.   When Romando released MicroKnight their reproduction of MC10 (metallic or iron) was so difference from the original that they designated him instead as MC7 Black MicroKnight (if you look at Romando MicroKnight you can still see they forgot to change one section of the box and it still read MC10).  Takara reissue of MC10 is dark iron black and not the purplish black like the one found on Romando.  MC11 Blue also is now deep dark blue and not greenish blue like the one done by Romando.

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MC8 Silver & MC9 Gold

Top: MC12 Copper & MC13 Green

Right: MC11 Blue

Bottom: MC10 Black

The most interesting subtle color change is MC12, Takara gave him a lighter tone than Romando and also change his name to Copper.  Takara, again, discarded Romando designation system and came up with all new designation.  MC10 is now Black MicroKnight (as if to tell Romando what black should look like) and MC7 (Romando's Black) is now Flame (red color) MicroKnight which is Hyper Hobby mail-away premium.  Takara reissue MC8 and MC13 is very similar to Romando version while MC9 Gold now has a deeper gold tone.

Aside from the difference in colors, Takara also gave reissue MicroKnight two new weapons - Micro Sword and Micro Lance.  Both weapons are done in matching chrome color as the figure.  Both the sword and lance are very well done and it's nice to see Takara try to add incentive for collectors to buy MicroKnight all over again.  Micro Sword came with 2mm peg on the hilt and able it to be "hang" from the leg of MicroKnight figure.  Micro Lance fits nicely into the hands and the lance is even engrave with details to match MicroKnight body armor.   This two new weapons almost make it worth the price of buying another set of reissue MicroKnight for those who already own Romando reproductions or even the original versions.