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2000 Replica Microman Series Exclusive
Takara Mail-order Exclusive - M150 Antonio and M160 Egypton (4/2000)


Package for M150 & M160

M150 & M160 Capsules



M150 Antonio & M160 Egypton

Takara made available a companion set to M170 & M180 Millennium Set as a mail-away special promotion.  M150 & M160 were Microman Gum Premium from 1978 that either never got produced or were produced in very low numbers.  The set was offer for a limited time directly from Takara.  This mail-away set comes package in similar style box as the Millennium M170&M180 Set.  The box depicts black & white artwork of M150 & M170 similar to the Millennium Set.

M150 & M160 along with their companion M170 Takeru & M180 Maria.  Each figures also come with white reissue Microman stand which make for some interesting "in-action" poses.