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Micro Heritage

Transformers Series (1984-present)



Generation One

The Transformers - More than Meet the Eyes (1984-1985)

Target Masters & Head Masters (1986-87)

Power Masters (1988)

Micro Masters (1989)

Action Masters (1990)

Generation Two

Generation 2 (1992-1995)

Beast Wars Series

Beast Wars (1996-1997)

Machines War (1996)

Fuzors and Transmetals (1998)

Transmetals 2 (1999)

Beast Machines (2000)

Millennium Series

Robot in Disguise (2001-02)

Armada (2002-03)

Energon (2003-04)

Cybertron (2005-06)

Commemorative (2002-04)

Universe (2003-04)

Alternator (2003-04)

In 1984, Hasbro, a US toys company, licensed part of Microman Micro Change series and Diaclone Car Robots series from Takara and released them in the US as the Transformers. While the basic story remained the same, a struggle between the force of good and evil, Hasbro took a new twist and turned Takara piloted mecha and Artificial Intelligence robots into sentient race called the Transformers. The toys and the TV show that accompanied it became an instant success that spawned not only comic books but also a feature length movie. The line lasted for many years, however, by 1990 the interested in Transformers was on the decline and the series was put on hiatus.

Japan Transformers

In 1985, Takara "imported" the Transformers toys and TV show back to Japan and the line met with big success. Japan Transformers followed along the same line as the US series and shared many of the same toys. However, when US line was canceled, Japan series continued on long after with its own story, anime shows and toys. In 1996, Takara again imported US series the Beast Wars to Japan. The line was quite successful there that Takara released its own series Beast Wars 2 and Neo-Beast Wars completed with new toys and TV shows. In 2000, Takara went back to the vehicle concept and released the the Car Robot series. (The name was homage to Diaclone line). Hasbro later imported the Car Robot series for the US market. The two Transformers - US and Japan lines again converged as one. Takara and Hasbro decided to release new Transformers as a joint venture.

Original Series

Fight Super Robot Life (1984-86)

2010 (1987)

The Head Masters (1989)

Super God Master Force (1990)

Victory (1991)

Zone (1992)

Battle Stars (1993)

Combinations (1994)

Beast Wars Series

Beast Wars (1996)

Beast Wars the Second (1997)

Neo-Beast Wars (1998)

Metals (1999)

2000 Series

Car Robot (2000)

Micron Legend (2002)

Superlink (2003)

Anniversary Series (2000-02)

Collector's Edition Series (2001-04)

Collection Series (2002-04)

Micromaster Series (2002-04)

Masterpiece Series (2003)

Binaltech Series (2003-04)


In 1992, Hasbro decided to reintroduce Transformers series to the new generation of kids and a new line called Generation 2 was launched. The second series met with limited success. Most of the early toys were retooled of the original series but later into the line several new original molds were introduced.  However, without a  TV shows tie-in the line was never very popular and Generation 2 was canceled in 1995.

Hasbro decided to relaunch the line again in1996, but this time the Transformers became "beasts" instead of vehicles in the alternate mode. The fresh take on the concept, combine with successful CGI animated TV show proved to be successful for the second relaunch of Transformers. Beast Wars continued on with good success and was followed by Beast Machines in 2000. However, Beast Machines TV show did not perform well and the Beast series came to an abrupt end at the beginning of the new millennium.

In 2001, instead of releasing new domestic series, Hasbro decided to imported Takara Transformers Car Robot toys and even the TV show from Japan. The series was renamed Robot In Disguise and was met with good success in the US. (In Japan, Transformers had their own story line with toys produced by Takara  - see sidebar) 

In 2002, seeing the success of Car Robots line in the US, Hasbro and Takara began a new joint venture project and produced a single Transformers line for both US and Japan market. The new line called Armada in the US and Micron Legend (Micron Densetsu) in Japan was introduced simultaneously in 2002. The two series were essentially the same with some minor adjustments to suit each domestic market. In 2003, Hasbro and Takara followed the same formula and released sequel to the Armada/Micro Legend lines called Energon in the US and Superlink in Japan. The new line proved to be even better than the Armada / Micron Legend series. One will have to wait and see what future hold for the Transformers as the line enter its 20th years.

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