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Micro Heritage

Takara MYCLONE (Micron) Series 2002-2003



MYCLONE (Micron) Series


AS-01 (7/02)
Microman & Cyborg


AS-02 (12/02)
Acroyear & Cyborg


AS-03 (1/03)
Transformers #1


AS-04 (3/03)
Transformers #2


AS-05 / TF AS-03 (7/03) 
Transformers #3


AS-06 / SF AS-03  (8/03)

Shonen Cyborg


AS-???? (10/03)

Tsubaraya sci-fi

Other MYCLONE Series

AniMYCLONE (12/02)

ZenMYCLONE (04/03)
Wind-up Motor MYCLONE

Exclusive MYCLONE


Takara Official MYCLONE Website

In the summer of 2002, Takara released new series of small figures called MYCLONE (read "micron").  The new series, much like the SCF series, was another attempt by Takara to cash in on the latest collectible craze in Japan.  This time the fad was the brick style figure (Lego-like block figure) that made so popular by Medicom's KUBRICK series.


They are "Hypercube life MYCLONE" who lives in the Tesserac nebula far from Earth!  They combined several material by using the special element "MICLOHEXA" to form their body!  MYCLONE is changeable. However bad MYCLONE were manipulated by a darkness nebula emperor.  These bad MYCLONE evolved into terrible figures.  They began a violence aggression against weak planets!   Some of the MYCLONE who have sense of justice stood up against the evil!


Takara made slight alteration to the standard brick figure and made the MYCLONE series center around the idea of hexagon shape. Each figure had over 15 points of articulations and made from PVC and ABS plastic.  MYCLONE figures were design to be fully interchangeable with one another and they were highly details with beautiful clear, painted and even chrome parts.  The initial series of MYCLONE were brick-style figures based on Takara early sci-fi properties - Microman and Henshin Cyborg with the Transformers series to follow in 2003.

What made MYCLONE not just another 'clone' of the KUBRICK line was the fact that Takara had incorporate a story line into the series.  MYCLONE were not just brick figures of Takara various design but actually a new series with its own little universe.  The story was basically a hack of Microman old story combined with some element of Henshin Cyborg and the Transformers.  This was quite appropriate since MYCLONE incorporate some elements from Microman such as the interchangeable aspect and each figure even came with the trademark Microman 5mm port in their back!

Aside from sci-fi characters, Takara also released AniMYCLONE - a series of cute animal done in MYCLONE brick style.  Takara also added ZenMYCLONE - a wind-up motor MYCLONE robot to the line up for 2003. Takara also released several exclusive MYCLONE figures such as Toys R Us store and Robot Lab store exclusives.  


*Note in 2003, Takara decided to change the series designation and split MYCLONE into two separate series MYCLONE-SF series and MYCLONE-TF series.  MYCLONE AS-05 Transformers #3 became TF AS-03 and MYCLONE AS-06 became SF AS-03.