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Micro Heritage

Takara Reissue Series - Shonen Cyborg & King Walder Jr. (2000-2001)


Henshin Cyborg 

2001-2002 Reissued Series


Shonen Cyborg Series

Blue Cyborg-2 (8/00)

Gold Cyborg-2 (3/01)


King Walder Jr. Series

Yellow KW Jr. (8/00)

Green KW Jr. (3/01)


KW Jr. Kaijin Set

Dokuro King Jr. (10/00)

Satan King Jr. (12/00)

Plant-man Jr. (3/01)


Exclusive Shonen Cyborg

Cyborg-2 VS KW Jr. Set (6/00)

Kengo in Safari Outfit (?/01)


With the lukewarm showing of the two new Henshin Cyborg series (Neo and Double Nine), Takara in 2000 decided to follow the relaunch of Microman line and began to reissue vintage Henshin Cyborg toys.  The first toy to be reissue was the Cyborg-2 Shonen Cyborg.  Takara also decided to "reissue" 8" version of King Walder as King Walder Jr. which until now was only sold in England as Muton as part of the small licensed 1/8 scale Henshin Cyborg line by Denys Fisher in the early 1970's.  The Shonen reissued line was extremely limited and stretch out into 2001 with few more re-releases.  By 2002, Takara Henshin Cyborg series went back on hiatus, the only cyborg toy was the recycled Neo Henshin Cyborg body that was retooled and released as part of the Cool Girls (1/8 scale female sci-fi figures) line under X (Cross) Borg banner. (This line was also sold in the US as Cy Com)  (See - Cy Com / X Borg).


Denys Fisher Cyborg

8" (1/8) version of Henshin Cyborg toys were produced and sold in England by Denys Fisher in the mid 1970's.  Several figures from Takara Henshin Cyborg line were sold in  8" Shonen Cyborg size including 8" versions of Cyborg-1, King Walder, and even several of the Android A series toys.  Denys Fisher Cyborg are extremely rare and much sought after by Cyborg collectors.

e-Hobby Exclusive Shonen Cyborg VS KW Jr. Set

In 2003, Takara announced the first reissued of Cyborg-1 figure that will be sold along with reproduction of Ultraman Jack costume. The new series was dubbed "Henshin Collection Series" using the similar concept as the popular Transformers Collection series line.  It is yet unclear at this time how far the Henshin Cyborg reissue line will extended, but Takara already planned to follow 01 Ultraman Jack with Mirror Man.