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2000 Replica Microman Series
S.A.S (Server-space Attack Service) 01 Spy Magician - WCC Exclusive (11/26/2000) 


S.A.S 01 came in smoke clear New Microman style capsule with S.A.S logo on the front.


SAS Microman Spy Magician traded in the wand and bracelet for a pair of heavy arms. Each figure also came with a smoke clear stand.

Takara sold special version of M13X Spy Magician call S.A.S - 01 at WCC toys show.  S.A.S which stand for Server-space Attack Service is a dark gray M13X Spy Magician with dark chrome head and chest plate. The figure, like the previous MIS series, was sold in New Microman style capsule.

The final version of S.A.S 01 was very difference than the prototype version which was an all black figures.  While I would prefer to have all clear MIS type figure version of M13X, the dark gray color on M13X is actually very striking and gave the figure that "special op unit" look.

S.A.S 01 Spy Magician

S.A.S Microman is tasked with protecting against the attack on cyber space.  They are special agent of Spy Magician that fight against cyber-space terrorist.

Front and back view of S.A.S 01