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Replica Microman Series 

Microman Spy Magician M13X & M14X


Spy Magician

M14X Spy Magician


Reissued Microman M14X (12/1999)

M141 Henry
M142 Hudson
M143 Holms

M144 Howard




M:I:S 01 (5/00)
Mission in Stealth Spy Magician M14X - WCC Exclusive


M140 Hawk (3/01)
Spy Leaders Set with M130 Duke - Takara e-Hobby Exclusive


Metallic Mode M140 (4/28/01)
Metallic M140 Hawk - Japan Robot Laboratory Exclusive


SAS 02 (5/27/01)
Sever-space Attack Service M14X - WCC Exclusive


M14X "The Thunderbolt Buddha" (7/24/01)
Electric Dragon 80000V Set with M12X "Dragon Eye" - Movie Exclusive.


M13X Spy Magician


Reissued Microman M13X (11/2000)

M131 Dick
M132 Dan
M133 Danny

M134 David




Clear Mode M13X (10/6/00)
Toys R Us Exclusive
Clear Mode M131
Clear Mode M132
Clear Mode M133

Clear Mode M134


SAS 01 (11/26/00)
Server-space Attack Service M13X - WCC Exclusive


M130 Duke (3/01)
Spy Leaders Set with M140 Hawk - Takara e-Hobby Exclusive


Metallic Mode M130 (4/28/01)
Metallic M130 Duke - Japan Robot Laboratory Exclusive


M13X Douglas (5/1/02)
Robotman's Power Up Set Chromed M13X and White Acroyear A30X - Nagoya Robot Station 2002 Exclusive


Gold M134 David (3/04)
Lucky Draw Prize (100 Pieces) Microman Manga Reprint Promotion Campaign




Takara released the reproduction of Microman M14X Type in December of 1999. This was the first time in over twenty years that the M14X Spy Magician had been reissued by Takara.  When Roman-do reissued Microman toys in 1997, they only released the M13X type and collectors had been waiting for the reissue of M14X to complete the Spy Magician line up. Beside the reproduction of vintage M14X, Takara also released a clear M:I:S version and a gray SAS version.  Beside the colors variants, in early 2001 Takara also released a new member for the M14X named M140 Hawk. The figure was patterned after the two prototype Spy Magicians that appeared in early 1970's Microman Spy Magician catalogs. 


Microman Spy Magician


Microman Spy Magician were revived near the beach where the Acroyears first emerged from the polluted ocean depth.  They are the expert in intelligence gathering and fight against the Acroyear by using their spy ability.  With the growing power of the Acroyears, Microman Spy Magician form MCIA (Microman Central Information Agency) to train other Microman in the art of spy.

Spy Tools

Magic Wand: Teleportation device to help expedites spy activity.

Spy Bracelet: By altering the ESP wave randomly it allow the Spy-Magicians to communicate with 5 other members simultaneously without interference by Acroyear.  The bracelet also maximize the ESP power of Microman to allow him to use United Will.

United Will: by utilizing bracelet ESP function combine with the teleport wand, the Spy Magician can merge his psyche with another Microman. For this reason untrained Microman is excluded from wearing the Spy Magician Bracelet.


A year later after the reissued of M14X Type, Takara decided to reissue the M13X Spy Magician. The reproduction versions of the original four M13X Type were sold in November of 2000. Takara reissues fixed much of the problem that plagued the versions re-issued by Romando in 1997. Beside the original colors, Takara also released special Clear Mode as Toys R Us Exclusive. (The Clear Mode actually came out before the regular version). A new member M130 Duke was sold along with M140 Hawk as part of the Spy Leaders set. M130 was modeled after the prototype figure that appeared in early Spy Magician catalogs from 1970's. In 2002, Takara released special Silver M13X as part of the Robotman Reinforced Tactic set. The set came with white A30X Acroyear and released as a cross promotion with Robotman and Henshin Cyborg.


Reissued Spy Magicians were sold in facsimile of the old display box.