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2001 Replica Microman Series

Microman Spy Magician Leaders Set - M130 Duke & M140 Hawk - Takara e-Hobby Exclusive (3/01)


e-Hobby Spy Leaders set


Each figure came with a pair of Spy Magician bracelets and wands.  Takara also include a black figure stand with each figure.

Takara also planned to release metallic versions of these two Spy Leaders as Robot Factory Exclusive. 

Spy Magicians Leaders Set were sold as Takara e-Hobby (Takara's on-line store) Exclusive.  The set came with two special versions of Spy Magicians - M130 Duke and M140 Hawk.  Both figures were modeled after the prototype versions of Microman Spy Magicians as they appeared in early Microman Spy Magician catalog.

Spy Magician Leaders

M130 has a red M13X type body with M12X type pelvic and M14X type legs without the bell bottom pieces.  M140 has a green M14X body with M12X type arms and M14X type pelvic and legs (also without the bell bottom pieces).  Since these two figures were based on the mock-up prototypes, it's no wonder that their bodies were a mixed bag of Microman parts.

Spy Magician Leaders

Leaders of Microman Spy Magicians who travel around the world to instruct other Microman in the arts of Spy Magicians.

M130 and M140 were revived near the beach where Acroyear first emerged.  They designed and establish the bracelet and wand system to communicate with one another.  They became the leaders of the Spy Magicians.  However, the two soon discovered the Acroyear's plan of world domination and their growing numbers so they establish MCIA (Microman Central Intelligence Agency) to train other Microman 

M130 Duke - chief of the MCIA bureau. 

M140 Hawk - second in command at MCIA.