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Replica Microman Series 

Japan Robot Laboratory Exclusive - Metallic Mode M130 Duke & M140 Hawk (4/28/01)


Spy Magician

M14X Spy Magician


Reissued Microman M14X (12/1999)

M141 Henry
M142 Hudson
M143 Holms

M144 Howard




M:I:S 01 (5/00)
Mission in Stealth Spy Magician M14X - WCC Exclusive


M140 Hawk (3/01)
Spy Leaders Set with M130 Duke - Takara e-Hobby Exclusive


Metallic Mode M140 (4/28/01)
Metallic M140 Hawk - Japan Robot Laboratory Exclusive


SAS 02 (5/27/01)
Sever-space Attack Service M14X - WCC Exclusive


M14X "The Thunderbolt Buddha" (7/24/01)
Electric Dragon 80000V Set with M12X "Dragon Eye" - Movie Exclusive


M13X Spy Magician


Reissued Microman M13X (11/2000)

M131 Dick
M132 Dan
M133 Danny

M134 David




Clear Mode M13X (10/6/00)
Toys R Us Exclusive
Clear Mode M131
Clear Mode M132
Clear Mode M133

Clear Mode M134


SAS 01 (11/26/00)
Server-space Attack Service M13X - WCC Exclusive


M130 Duke (3/01)
Spy Leaders Set with M140 Hawk - Takara e-Hobby Exclusive


Metallic Mode M130 (4/28/01)
Metallic M130 Duke - Japan Robot Laboratory Exclusive


Silver M13X (5/1/02)
Robotman Reinforced Tactic Set with White Acroyear A30X - Nagoya Robot Station 2002 Exclusive






Metallic Mode M130 and M140 were sold in its own individual box. The box was facsimile of the original vintage Spy Magician packaging. The box has small round sticker on the lower right corner to denote that the figure was Japan Robot Lab Exclusive.


Spy Leaders Story


M130 and M140 are leaders of Microman Spy Magicians who travel around the world to instruct other Microman in the arts of Spy Magicians. 


Microman Spy Magicians were the specially train Microman in the art of spy and espionages. They underwent rigorous training and only those who passed the test were allowed to wear the bracelet and use the spy teleport wand.


M130 and M140 were revived near the beach where Acroyear first emerged.  They designed and establish the bracelet and wand system to communicate with one another.  They became the leaders of the Spy Magicians.  However, the two soon discovered the Acroyear's plan of world domination and their growing numbers so they establish MCIA (Microman Central Intelligence Agency) to train other Microman.


Takara released special Metallic Mode version of Microman Spy Leaders as Japan Robot Laboratory store exclusives. Unlike the standard versions of M130 and M140 Spy Leaders, the metallic versions were sold separately instead as a set.  (The standard mode were sold as e-Hobby exclusive). The figures were sold to commemorate the opening of the new Japan Robot Laboratory hobby store on April 28th 2001.  Along with these two figures, Japan Robot Laboratory also sold special editions of Choro Q buses with Microman, Robotman and Henshin Cyborg artwork designs.

M130 Duke had metallic red body with metallic black legs. The chest part and head remained silver chromed. M140 came in a striking metallic green body with gold plated abdominal piece. The legs were also metallic just like the M130 Duke.  M130 and M140 each came with two sets of Spy Magician wands and bracelets. The figure also included a black Replica Microman stand.These two figures were actually two very striking Microman figures but the rapid the releases of exclusives in 2000-2001 somewhat diminished the coolness of the set considering the standard Spy Leaders set came out just a month prior.

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Spy Leaders L-R M130 Duke & M140 Hawk (Metallic Modes)


M130 Duke - head of MCIA. Cold but well suit for his duty as chief of the bureau.


M140 Hawk - Deputy Director of MCIA. (Second in command) Warm and well like by all the staff.