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Micro Heritage

Medicom RAH 100 Series


Real Action Heroes RAH



RAH100 Tron (2001)
A: Tron & Orange Light Cycle

B: Flynn & Red Light Cycle

C: Soldier & Yellow Light Cycle

D: Sark & Blue Light Cycle


RAH100 Micro Batta (2003)
A: Cocobatta & Insecta

B:  Skullhead & Dark Insecta



In 1996, Medicom, a small specialty toy company, licensed Takara Combat Joe body (which was license from Hasbro GI Joe) and produced 12" figure called Real Action Heroes (RAH) based on various Japanese TV shows much like the old Henshin Cyborg costume figure.  However, unlike the old Cyborg costume line, Medicom series made the new figures to be super realistic with accurately molded parts and materials. The line became very popular with collectors and still going on strong today. 

Medicom Toy Official Site

For more info check out the Official Medicom Toy Corporation website


Since Medicom RAH was a modern version of the old Cyborg costume hero, Medicom decided to follow Takara format and also produced smaller 8" version of RAH called RAH220 much like Takara 8" Shonen Cyborg. With RAH in both 12" and 8" scale the only format left was the small 10cm Microman size. Again, Medicom introduced new line called RAH100 (stand for 100mm) which basically was a Micro-size version of Real Action Heroes line. The first in the series were figures based on Disney's TRON movie. The RAH100 series was only mildly successful and Medicom only in 2003 followed up with the released of RAH100 Micro Batta - a Micro version of 12" Cocobat series. Micro Batta were only sold as limited mail-order only.

RAH100 Micro Batta packaging was a homage to Micro series with Microman Zone "atomic rainbow" design and even Micronauts style letterings