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Micro Heritage

Bandai Full-Action Series - Beta Midget (2002-03)


Astro Midget

Beta Midget Series


Version 1.0
Beta Midget






Burn JF-001

Crusta JV-001

Torque JB-001


Version 1.5
Alternate Colors of 1.0


Version 2.0
Beta Midget

Salamander Type 2


Early Type 



Alahabaki JA-001

Orb JE-001

Thrust II - JBS-001


Version 2.5
Alternate Colors of 2.0


Version 3.0

Beta Midget

Female Salamander

Female Undine

Female Gnome

Undine Type 2








Beta Midget Box Set

Beta Midget Official Book

Early Type



In April of 2002, Bandai released new series of capsule toy action-figures called Beta Midget.  Beta Midget bared many striking resemblance to Microman series right down to the silver head and 1:1 scale concept.  This was no surprise since Beta Midget was a brainchild of Mr. Y. Enari who was a leading members of M.A.F.F. - a Microman fan group that published fan-made manga and Microman RPG source books.  Beta Midget was based on sci-fi fairy tales world of Astro Midget created by Mr. Enari.  (Astro Midget were cybernetic small fairy-like creatures with advance scientific knowledge.)

Beta Midget Elementals

Beta Midget figures were based on the four elemental - fire, land, wind and water.  Their "Jacket" were based on five attributes - flare, vital, vector, earth and excel.



Official Midget World

Information about Astro Midget story, Midget design, and Beta Midget toys can be found at Enari's Midget World website.

 Beta Midget were sold as capsule or gashapon toys (gumball vending machines). Each Beta Midget was sold in a capsule along with their power up suits called "Jacket".  The first series (later became known as 1.0) consisted of six different toys - 3 Beta Midget figures and 3 Jackets. Series 1.0 suffered from defective plastic which caused them to develop crack especially around the socket joints. (The Jackets were not affected because they were made from PVC). To make the matter worst the plastic type used for the figures could not be bond with super-glue which made most figures in state of disrepair.

Bandai and Enari released interim series "version 1.5" which contained the first series figures in alternate color variations. Bandai had fixed the plastic problem associated with the first series.  Version 2.0 which featured the fourth character -Undine, a new Type 2 Salamander and Early Type designs based on Astro Midget story board.  Bandai also released alternate colors of series two figures as Version 2.5.  As with other gashapon toys, each Beta Midget series were released with special "chase" version. (usually a black version). The third series or version 3.0 was slated for mid-2003 with new Larvae body type and female Beta Midget.