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Micro Heritage

Takara Henshin Collection & Kaijin Collection Series (2003-2004)


Henshin Cyborg 



Henshin Collection 01

Ultraman Jack (8/03)


Henshin Collection 02

Mirror Man (1/04)


Henshin Collection 03

Casshern (4/04)


Henshin Collection 04

Mazinger Z (7/04)


Henshin Collection 05

Devilman (9/04)


Kaijin Collection 01

Skeleton King (9/04)




Reissue Cyborg-1

Silver Cyborg-1 (9/04)

Gold Cyborg-1 (9/04)


Reissue King Walder-1

Green King Walder (9/04)

Red King Walder (9/04)




Kaijin Collection Exclusive

Black Dokuro King - Warp Magazine Mail-away (9/04)


Henshin Collection Exclusive

Mazinger Z Metallic Version - Toy's Dream Project (9/04)


In 2003, Takara finally decided to reissue the original Henshin Cyborg toy - Cyborg-1 figure. The figure was sold along with reproduction of Ultraman Jack costume from the Combat Joe series. The new series was dubbed "Henshin Collection Series" using the similar concept as the popular Transformers Collection series line.  It is yet unclear at this time how far the new Henshin Cyborg reissue line will extended, but Takara already planned to follow 01 Ultraman Jack with Mirror Man.

Henshin Cyborg

Earth reeled defenseless as galaxies crumbled before the hideous Walder onslaught, when with a last stroke of desperate genius, man built.


The Cyborg-1 Story

Cyborg-1 was previously known as Kenichi Katagai, a brave Japanese man. In the year 1999, he was attacked in Africa by the flying saucer of King Walder, the ruler of space, he suffered mortal injuries along with his wife and his brother Kengo.


His father was a scientist who carried out cyborg research at his Neo Nautilus base deep in the sea of Japan. Now Dr. Katagai bestowed the gift of a cyborg operation on his dying sons.


With the revived Kenichi now known as "Cyborg-1" and Kengo as "Cyborg-2" the brothers combined their power to fight their alien enemy Walder.

Update : Takara had expanded the Henshin Collection series and the line included several more costume figures including Takara original Skeleton (Dokuro) King to be sold with reproduction King Walder figure. Takara also planed to release the body as single packaging. These will be the core body only without the costume.

Takara Henshin Collection 01